Thursday, August 18, 2011

My wknd plans, including deals and steals!

This weekend, tonight actually, I'm headed back to my hometown (3ish hours drive) for one of my best friend's bachelorette parties.  I'm really excited for the event, including the cooking lessons we're doing to start the afternoon off.  In addition to the party, I also have plans to get my wedding and engagement rings resized, finally!! Everyone told me in the winter to wait for summer and that my fingers will swell.  Well, with all of my running, they haven't and my rings are now bigger than ever.  Other items on the agenda are lunch with a Knottie/Nestie friend who lives in the area (yay A!!) and getting my hair cut and highlighted, plus just catching up with my stylist. 

Things I'm not so excited for?  The 16 mile run I need to do and the drive back.  The run I'm planning on doing tomorrow morning just to get it out of the way.  I'm hoping the weather (i.e. rain) will be in my favor.  The drive back?  Well, that's obviously unavoidable...but my email gave me some surprises this morning to help make it tolerable!  The Kate Spade outlet, along the drive, is back open! YAY! My family was in town last weekend  and my sister was bummed that the KS outlet was closed for updating...well, not only is it reopening today, but the email also offered a 20% coupon.  I don't know that many of you who read are in the vicinity, or if you are, can go, but here's the coupon just in case.

Also, not quite as exciting, I received a Gap Outlet coupon for 30% off your entire purchase.  It's valid on Saturday (8/20) only though, which stinks for me since I won't be around to use it!

-Anthrolopogie is offering free shipping now through Sept 30th, as long as you buy one regular price item (though who am I kidding? pretty much anything I buy there is on sale). No code needed

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