Monday, October 31, 2011

PSA: Target-Black Friday!

In case you haven't seen/heard, Target has announced that they'll be opening stores at midnight on Black Friday. This makes SO much more sense to be than opening at the early am hours. Plus, it may even give those who have to work on Friday (technically I do, boo) a chance snag up some of the bargains.  Plus, Target also announced that, like Walmart, they will price match other store's Black Friday printed prices.

I'm not a huge Black Friday shopper; in fact I did it once in college to get a $200 memory foam for $50 at Kohl's.  My mom offered to buy mine if I got one for her and my sister's bed at home as well.  I got there about 30 minutes before it opened, walked in and found them without a problem.  The issue arose when I had to carry 3 big boxes (like 3'x2') and didn't have a cart.  I ended up finding a wheelchair and pushing my boxes along in line for about an hour (oh yes, I did it). Worst experience ever.  Plus, my mom went to Younkers at 11am, and found a memory foam there she liked better, so she returned the one I bought her at Kohl's.

However, in 2009, when Black Friday ads were leaked, Ben and I decided that we'd split a new TV for our bedroom as our Christmas gift to one another.  Target had a 32" HD for something like $225; regularly $400.  We called around to local Targets and found out that each Target's manager determined whether or not a particular store would give price adjustments.  Lucky for us, Target in our hometown would.  We went to Chicago-Target Monday before Thanksgiving and bought the TV for $400.  On Black Friday, I walked into hometown-Target at 11am with my receipt and went straight to customer service.  Within a matter of minutes; I was driving away, having gotten ~$200 back in price adjustment.  Best Black Friday ever.

Here's a Black Friday ads link for leaks that I like

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