Friday, December 9, 2011

City-life: The joys of the train (+deals)

Whew; I apologize for the late posting.  I’ve had one hectic morning and I blame the El train.  You see, I have the timing of getting to the El down to a science.  It takes me ~8 minutes to walk from our apartment to the El station at my standard speed.  If I’m rushed/running behind, I can quick fast (and confession: maybe do a light jog a block or two) and make it there in 6 minutes (I actually don’t mind the jogging in the winter; it keeps you warm and at 6:50am, I could care less if I look like an idiot). 

So, I’m one block away and it’s 6:56am.  Perfect timing because the trains usually pulls in the station at 6:58 and leaves at 6:59.  Plenty’o’time. Except that it’s not.  This morning the train pulls up at 6:56am and leaves at 6:57. Thus, I get there and have to wait for 8 minutes in the cold. I get on the next train and get a seat. Everything is fine and dandy; until it’s not.

When we’re approximately 200 feet from my stop, the train stops and the conductor announces that the train ahead of us is stopped due to mechanical issues at the stop (my work stop).  We sit for 42 minutes (I timed it).  The guy next to me says that he’s listening to the police scanner and someone called in that on the train ahead of us someone passed out** (whoops, I apologize, in my originally post I neglected to edit before posting) in train car #3.  Paramedics are on their way.  Just think, if that stupid train hadn’t been two minutes early to my apartment stop, I could have been to work on time. Ugh. What a great way to start a Friday.

Since I arrived to work, my phone has been ringing nonstop. Which, I have to say is nice because I'm just 40 minutes away from a lunch meeting already.  This morning has flown by. Anyways, I hope you have a great weekend planned!  I hope to catch up to some posting so check back to see what I do (or don’t) come up with :O)

·    Banana Republic: Online only: Today (12/9) take 35% off your purchase and tomrw (12/10) take 30% off with code BRSNOW
·    Bloomingdales: Take an extra 20% almost all sale items with code WINTER20
·    J. Crew & J. Crew Factory: 25% off and free shipping on orders of $150+ with code PRESENTS
·    The Limited: Take 40% off purchase with code SAVE40
·    Perfumania: Buy one, get one for $9.99; plus free shipping for orders over $25 (get 7% back when you shop via
·    Picaboo: Buy one, get one free for classic photobooks and calendars through 12/13 with code BEHAPPY

And for those of you who shop; they just updated their return policy. Niiiice! Considering I’ve bought five dresses from them and only kept two of the five because of poor fitting.  It used to be that if you made a return; they subtracted shipping costs and the rest was given to you as a store credit.  Now you have two options: Store credit and free return shipping; or a refund in your original form of payment minus the return shipping charge.


  1. So would you have rather started your friday off being the family member who recieved a phone call that their loved one passed on, on a train car, alone? 42 minutes doesnt seem that bad does it?

  2. Ah, whoops; my need to post quickly made me overlook the error. Someone passed out** (i.e. fainted), not passed. The CTA announced equipment issues and I looked online later for an accident report but found nothing. I can see why this originally read as unhumane.


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