Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cookie Exchange!

I'm proud to say I have now organized and participated in my first Christmas Cookie Exchange.  I suggested the idea to HR at work and she was on board, so it was a go.

We had 16 participants sign up and asked that everyone bring at least two cookies per participant.

Of course last night when I was baking, I ended up only having one extra cookie from the number I needed to bring in.  Ben and I split the cookie and agreed that was a tease...but now the nice things is that now I have over 32 treats to bring home.  (Speaking of, I need to start running and going to the gym again on a regular basis).

I made my Grandma's Spritz recipe.  She usually puts them in the block press (if that's what it's called), and makes mini trees whereas I used my cookie scoop and formed balls, but none the less, they were still tasty!


PS- Can you tell I used the office's Nikon D3000 for these pics? 
Gosh they're so much better quality than our point and shoot!

Oh, that reminds me! I didn't even tell you...guess what I bought us earlier this week?!  A 3-hour photograph class! There was a YouSwoop for $49 for a "date night" class from one of the local studios (that I'd previously looked at for myself; highly rated on Yelp) for an intro to DSLRs.  If you don't have an SLR, they'll loan each of you one.  First hour is wine and cheese, followed by overview of features and common settings to adjust, followed by some Q&A.  We're going to go in early January and I'm super excited!  I think it may be the tipping point towards deciding yes or no on a DSLR, plus I love some good wine and cheese :O)

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