Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fabulous Hump Night!

Well, my budget has gone to the birds this past pay period (thankfully tomrw is pay day).  I was doing okay, but then I decided to take a $20 cab ride home from our work holiday party on Tuesday (instead of the train, which would have been "free" with my pass. And in addition to that, accidentally I left my transit pass in the cab so now I have to spend an hour+ and $5 to go get a new one. Lose. Lose.) Yesterday was someone’s birthday lunch in our group (which means we go out of lunch and split the bill, minus the birthday person), so there was a $19 buffalo wrap and fry meal. The little critters from Chicago Chargers pulled at my heartstrings, so that was $20…and lastly, I was growing a furry forest above my eyes with my much needed to be groomed eyebrows.

This week has been so busy that I decided I would take the time to pamper myself with a treat, either a mani or an eyebrow wax, and eyebrows totally won out.  Ulta is just too convenient to stop in to after work and they had open appointments, it’s like it was meant to be.  (I should note that I maybe get my brows waxed three or four times a year, so this is exciting).  There was just something so relaxing about being inside, cozily having hair ripped from my face rather than be out in the cold, wet, rainy night.

On top of that, my night got even better because I arrived home to my Secret Santa gift I needed to open.  There’s a group of girls I “met” on The Knot (we were all married Oct 2010) and some of us have stayed tight-knit on FB (and meetings in person); so this is our second year of a Secret Santa exchange.  The rules were $25 gifts and send them by Dec 15th.

My SS went over the top and I love everything little thing she gave!
Lots and lots of presents!!

Travel size Bath and Body hand lotion (perfect for my always dry hands)

Kissing bulldog salt and pepper shakers.  Say it with me now.... AWWW!

A bully ornament as well.

Some fantastic chocolate ganache covered peanut butter Ritz. (Side story:  Even though I’ve met at least one of the girls in person, Ben is still a little iffy on this idea of “internet friends”.  So at first he was skeptical about eating food from them.  I kept raving and raving about these nums and he finally had one and agreed; it was well worth eating.  And then, he had a second too).

But…I have to say that one of the most exciting gifts in my package was….the ENTIRE Essie Winter Collection – Cocktail Bling!!!!! EEEE!!! I am overwhelmed with excitement (literally I was screaming).

So thank you SO SO SO much to my very generous Secret Santa!  You rock girlfriend!!

The only damper to my night was that I attempted to make white chocolate covered pretzel rods for the trolley on Saturday.  Should be easy right? Wrong.  Maybe it’s because I bought white chocolate chips instead of almond bark; but I assumed since I hadn’t cheaped out and had bought Tollhouse-brand instead of generic that I could melt them easily.

First I tried a double boiler.  The chips all melted, but despite stirring, the mixture never became creamy or “dip-able”.  Then I removed from the boiler and put in a microwaveable bowl.  Still no luck.  I currently have a weird blob of white chocolate sitting in a bowl in the fridge.  Now my plan is to just mix in crushed candy canes and roll it out for peppermint bark.

Tonight plan is to work on my costume for the trolley, get some last minute fresh food items, and to make one of the trolley desserts.  Don’t worry, at some point you’ll see pictures of everything.  I’ll document it and I’ll share recipes too!


  1. Wow, your secret santa is awesome! I am doing a similar one with my month twins (september 2012), and I can't wait to see what I get. I am totally jealous of your etsy colors though. I love nail polish.

    I usually melt chocolate chips in the microwave. I put them in a bowl and let it go for about 50 seconds, and then stir (nothing has even melted at this point, but i stir just incase), then 40 seconds, stir (they start to melt), 30 seconds, stir (really getting there), and then either 20 seconds or 10 seconds depending on how melty they are. and then i might do another 5 or 10 second interval just to make sure it's perfect. but going over is just bad, it becomes a terrible consistency.

  2. Ha, isn't she?! I called my sister and she was incredibly jealous! I can't decide which color to use first. The funny thing is that I almost got one of the colors at Ulta when I got my brows done. I hope you get some fun gifts too.

    Thanks for the tips on melting the chips. I'll have to try again tonight. Fingers crossed!


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