Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Night Circus

By Erin Morgenstern

Review Grade: B

I must be out of the loop because apparently this book has gotten a lot of hype in late 2011.  However, prior to it being suggested as a book club option, I’d never heard of it. 

Here’s a brief summary:
Waging a fierce competition for which they have trained since childhood, circus magicians Celia and Marco unexpectedly fall in love with each other and share a fantastical romance that manifests in fateful ways.

That really doesn’t do it justice though. It’s hard to describe because “circus magicians” really doesn’t sound all that amusing and the book is much more complex than this summary indicates.  The majority of girls at club said this was their favorite book they’re read for club, but I really wasn’t all that impressed.  The storyline is meant to be mysterious, but to me, some parts were downright confusing.  Pieces of the story really start to come together about 2/3 of the way into the book.  I suppose that’s when I started to really enjoy it.

An interesting point we talked about at club was that the author is a woman yet throughout the book, it felt/read as those it was a man’s style of writing.

Overall, I’d recommend the book as a decent read, although I would have preferred to rent it for free from the library rather than pay the $12 Kindle price.  Personally, I don’t think it’s worth that (but you may have come to realize, I can be cheap and goofy about what I decide to spend money on).  It’s about 400 pages, but the writing is fairly detailed, so it took me close to a week to finish.

Even though I didn’t think the book was all that great, I would be intrigued if they made it into a movie.  From searching online, it looks like Summit Films picked it up, so hopefully it’ll happen.  With all of the details in the book, I formed a lot of images in my head and I’d love to see how they’re perceived and brought to life by the film industry.

Happy reading!

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