Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Notta Lotta (+deals)

I tried a new dinner last night and it thoroughly failed.  I was supposed to use chicken broth for a goat cheese sauce and realized we didn't have any.  Since cooking with already in progress, I tried to switch things up and make a rue then add the goat cheese.  It was okay, but not the taste I was envisioning.

I was kind of in a funk last night after talking with my mom.  I went for a run to try to clear my head(January, 45 degrees in Chicago and being able to go for a run in capris and a longsleeve is unheard, so I had to take advantage). Being married, living out of town and being from the same hometown can be so challenging sometimes.  My parents are going to visit my sister in Europe next month and I wanted to go home before Ben and I's trip to see parents and friends (and get my hair done).  From now until the end of March, with my parents being gone two weeks, there were only two weekends that worked for us to go home, one being the weekend before we leave. 

After thinking about it, we decided since we're busy the first three weekends in March, it'd be wise of us to have the weekend before the trip designated for packing and just relaxing, so that means us going home in February.  It just so happens that my SIL and her husband will be in town that weekend too.  Based on how we’ve recently decided to work home-visits, it’s my parents turn to have Ben and I stay at their house, which I’m looking forward to.

Usually, whomever’s house we’re sleeping at is who we go out to dinner with on Saturday and we catch a smaller meal with the other parents at some point during the weekend (we get in town late Friday, so usually order pizza or something on our way into town). Well, SIL’s birthday is in early February so MIL said since we’ll be home, she’ll add us to the reservations for dinner on Saturday night…except that I was really looking forward to seeing my parents.

I texted my mom yesterday to double check they’re going to be home that weekend and told her about the situation.  She was quite offended that we wouldn’t eat dinner with them and now we’re stuck in between a rock and a hard place and even Ben and I aren’t on the same page.  I feel like my parents were really accommodating for Christmas and I know it was a struggle for them not to have us stay at their house at all.  Plus we spent NYE with my ILs too.  While I love them and do have fun with them, my parents are still my parents and at the end of the day, I want to spend time with them too.  I suggested to Ben that we could have lunch or brunch with his family and still have dinner with mine and he shot the idea down at first.  Then he suggested that maybe he won’t even go home and that would solve the problem, and it’s terrible, but I’m considering taking him up on the offer.

Hopefully we’ll discuss more and make a decision soon.  It’s hard because Ben doesn’t like confrontation with anyone, but especially his mom so in some situations I’m stuck feeling like the bad guy and that’s stressful. Well, they never said marriage would be easy did they?

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