Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I am such a white girl.  As in, I have no rhythm and very little coordination when it comes to having to move my feet and hands/arms at the same time (in high school I always joked that is why my sport was running and it’s not really a joke; it’s true.  I’m only coordinated enough to put one foot in front of the other and even that sometimes I mess up). 

In an attempt to get off my lazy arse and get back into the regular routine of coming home from work, walking Oscar and then going to the gym, last night I tried out the “Piloxing” class at the gym.  Piloxing = Pilates + Kickboxing.  It was weird weird weird.  It was to upbeat music.  We’d do a couple kickboxing moving (mainly with our arms; little kicking) and then all of a sudden do some plies followed by some salsa footwork. Goofy right? BUT, I have to say, the class was an hour long and it flew by.  It felt like I was there maybe 20 minutes.  And thanks to my heart rate monitor, I know that I burned 631 calories in 56 minutes.  Despite feeling like I was just flailing my arms around, I actually could feel that my biceps had been working out and this morning, my abs are ever so slightly sore, so I think I’ll give the class another try.

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