Monday, January 16, 2012

Recent Purchases

Besides Gap in store sales, I've also made some recent purchases that I'm really excited for and thought I'd share.

Well, I'll start with the dud.  I ordered this blazer from Gap, despite poor reviews. 

I thought I'd give it a chance myself.  The color in person is slightly darker and now I completely understand why one review called it "corgugated cardboard".  It's actually a decent fit on me; but with the knit material and the ribbing, I decide I didn't think it'd wash up well and I returned it.

Next up is another blazer (can you tell the trend I'm trying to get into for 2012?) by Aryn K  It's from Piperlime's lime tag sale.  As a final item, it was going to be hit or miss since it's not returnable...but when Piperlime had the extra 20% off sale prices; for $26 (after the 20% discount and a $10 Gap rewards), I was willing to take the chance.  Thanks to the reviews; I ordered a medium and it's a great fit (and great price!)

This next item really isn't all that exciting, well it's not clothing. 

I spent a few hours pondering over camera bags.  There are so many cute feminine bags that look more like purses...but having just purchased the camera and our flights; I really am not prepared to dish out $150+ for a new purse (especially since I'm still loving the Louie!). Although I do really love this from my pinterest board:

But...Ben and I really wanted something that he was willing to carry and something that is easily accessible. Ben certainly would not carry the above purse.  In fact, I'd probably sigh if I asked him to hold it for a minute while putting on my coat or something. SIL has a Lowepro 202 sling bag; but I just don't feel comfortable carry an expensive camera (and other items) on my back like a bookbag!
Lowepro 202 Sling

I ended up ordering a Lowepro Passport Sling in black (although I debated on the Mica color for a long time) and am really excited for it to come.  I figure I'll probably end up just using it as my purse for the majority of our EU trip.  The reviews are good; but one common downfall is that there are pouches on the outside of the bag, but they're not sealed shut.  I'm hoping to find some adhesive velcro and add it to the pockets to keep them closed. 
Lowepro Passport Sling

In case you're interested in ordering this, I ended up purchasing through and saved 15% by using the code CAMERABAG15.

My last purchase is actually still in route.  Well, I ordered three of these tops because I couldn't decide on size or color.

The oatmeal color is really similar to a tan top from J. Crew (that's not longer online).  I ordered the both oatmeal and peacock blue.  I decided the peacock does a lot more for me than the oatmeal...but I also decided the fit of the small was too tight.  I plan on wearing this casually around the apt with leggings; but maybe also casual days with jeans and boots.  It hits at a perfect length (just covering all of my bum)...but the fit is somewhat tight at the bottom; like you could see my underwear lines. Gross.  Besides that, I love the cowl-neck and the material is super soft.  I could see myself ordering more of these and am already considering wearing this on the plane to Europe.  Definitely recommend trying this one out. 

(Also, I should note that it is supposedly not available in storea, although that's where I saw it in the first place, but they were all XL's left.  If you really want, I'd order it online).

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