Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Recent Updates

Updates from me about recent posts:

Remember how I was stressed about where we’re staying when we go to our hometown next?  Ben told his mom that it was my parent’s turn to “get us” for the weekend, which included Saturday night (MIL had proposed we do dinner with his family for SIL’s birthday).  We offered to get brunch or lunch with them instead.  I have to admit, I was pretty stunned that Ben actually stood up for us…and so was my mom. Lol, she is ridiculous.  Via text she asked how the situation was and I told her what Ben did.  Her response? “Wow, I am IMPRESSED.  So glad you married a REAL man”  Oh mother!

Way back in the fall, I mentioned that we applied to be foster parents for Chicago English Bulldog Rescue. We never heard anything back from them and were rather surprised.  A few weeks ago they posted on FB about a ton of rescues that got from a puppy mill.  As Ben and I looked through the poor dogs, we decided to contact the rescue again.  We didn’t really get a clear answer, but it seems that somewhere there was a lack of communication.  Now with vet and landlord approval, the next step is a phone interview tomorrow!  I’m so nervous and excited! I’m not really sure what to expect, but I’ll take your thoughts and prayers that it goes well!

I’m kind of surprised it’s taken me this long to tell you, but our trip is really coming together now!  Our outline is:
·    Fly into Amsterdam from US
·    3 days and 3 nights in Amsterdam (meet friends that are currently in school in Glasgow in Amsterdam)
·    Train to Paris
·    3.5 days and 4 nights in Paris
·    Fly to Barcelona and meet my sister there
·    5 days and 4 nights in Barcelona
·    Fly back to London with sis
·    Spend remainder of trip, 5 days and 5 nights, staying in Reading with Mr. Sister but visiting London during the day
·    Fly from London back to US
We’re still ironing out actual itineraries, but stuff is starting to come together.  We have our flights purchased to/from Europe, deposits on our rental apartments in Amsterdam and Paris, our flight from Paris to Barcelona booked and I just booked a Fat Tire Bike Tour for our arrival afternoon in Paris. (I’m waiting for a promo for $25 off to book our train tickets:O)  We’re about 9 weeks away from our trip; but somehow we pretty much have something going every weekend until then! Ah! It’ll be here before we know it, which is good and bad because there’s still a lot of planning we need to do!

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