Monday, February 13, 2012

Hair Change & OOTD

My natural hair color is a dark, dirty, ugly, plain blonde.  I've been getting highlights and lowlights for what seems like forever now (8+yrs). Usually I go with blonde, especially in the summer....but I decided with our busy spring, I'd go for a change that would allow my outgrowth to not be SO noticable. (I want my hair to look good in our trip pictures and our birthday party at the beginning of May!). 

My hair is also getting long, for me in recent years, so not wanting too much change at once, we just trimmed the ends and let the color be the major change. Here was the inspiration for color (and I wouldn't mind taking the face and body too):

I certainly am not a master of taking pics, so bare with me.  Here is a pic taken shortly after my last blonde session (3 wks after appt):

Here's what it looked like grown out (9 wks after appt):

And here is the new dark (1 day after appt; still post-appt curls in it.).  In some lights it almost has an auburn tint to it.  However, the color will lighten up a little as I wash it. Again, I apologize for the pics poor angles, lighting, etc.

And while I'm at it; here's my outfit from yesterday.  I got this sweater for Christmas and at first wasn't sold on it; but now I love it! (Again, bad pic looking at this! I should have used the new camera)

Sweater: Design History (via TJ Maxx)
Tee: Gap Supersoft Tee
Jeans: Joe's (via TJ Maxx)
Boots: Black Nine West (via TJ Maxx)

I'm quite the Maxinista today! Ha!

Attempted close up of the sweater buttons; they have a slight gold detail, so I wore my anniversary bracelet.

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