Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Valentines

I came across these candies at Walgreens and had a brilliant idea...


The candy by itself

I placed the heart on Oscars mouth and traced the small circle with scissors

Then I cut out the circle and cut small slits around it, just like the heart


And then attached the sucker...



I have to admit, after the first one was made, I literally LOL'ed at the outcome

I glued scrapbook paper and cardstock on the back of the photo (prior to cutting the hole)
 to write messages...well, until I ran out of my gluestick. Boo.

Then I cut out hearts and attached to the front with scotch-tape.

I had every intention of sending these to some of our out of town friends, until I took them to the post office and realized it'd be $1.99 to send one!  Sorry friends, I love you, but just not that much :O)


  1. Hey. When you went to Maroma Beach for your honeymoon where did you book it through? Your total cost of 4000 was that for food and everything? I can't find it anywhere cheaper than 4000 for the flights and hotel only. Would you recommend going in June?

  2. We booked our HM to SCM through our travel agent; although it was actually an Apple Vacation. The hotel is all inclusive, so flight and hotel only should really be all you need; besides transport from the airport to the resort. I believe the original cost was $4,900, but that included price change insurance and trip insurance due to weather. After booking the prices dropped $300/person, so our final cost was $4300 or so (I think Ben paid for all of the HM).

    I would think June would be a nice time to go; although hot, but that's what drinks, pools and beach are for. We went in Oct and it was fabulous weather and fairly busy.


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