Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Where have I been?

I'm not sure how it'd already almost the end of Wednesday, but thankfully it is.  I've been extremely busy at work these past couple days.  Plus, Monday and today were in Dental Days.  Three cavities filled on each side on separate days.

Monday I was freaked out all day.  I brought my ipod and laid back in the dental chair with it, then I decided I felt too claustrophobic having my ears plugged.  The novacaine (oh novacaine), wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it'd be, although it still made me cringe.  After administering, the dentist said "now don't worry if your heart starts to race, there's some adrenaline in this". 1-Ummm, my heart was racing the moment I walked into this office; 2-Why the hell is there a need for adrenaline in this?!

Despite all scariness, both days the actual visit and procedure were not nearly as bad as I thought they'd be.  My appointment Monday was at 2pm.  I went to the gym around 4pm, which I think was a bad idea because it seems like I bit the inside of my cheek. Normal feeling was just starting to return to my mouth at 9pm. Today's appointment was at 4pm, but less novocaine, but I still feel, or don't feel, messed up.

Thus, I'm enjoying my once a year McDonald's purchase for dinner....

a shamrock shake!
Speaking of purchases, this past weekend two girlfriends and I headed out to the outlet mall and did a bit of shopping.  My main objective was jeans and a purse that could be used as a camera bag.  I found some jeans, surprisingly, at the Kate Spade Outlet.  A great straight leg fit and a length that after a wash (and line dry) I don't think I'll need to get hemmed.  I don't have a pic, but they're just like these:

except that my little logo on the back right pocket is gold thread, which I actually like better.  Plus they were about half the price of the Nordstrom pair I linked.  Outlet price was $150, then 30% off and an additional 10% off took them down to $94.50.  Now, I know I can be rather cheap, but a pair of good fitting quality jeans are something I don't mind spending money on.  Since I rarely wear jeans during the week and only on weekends, as long as my size doesn't fluctuate, I can get years of wear out of jeans. Thus, I admit, I like and pretty much only buy designer jeans.
I also got a cute necklace from Banana Republic Outlet (sorry, no pic) and this top from Juicy Couture:

for $35.  I'm a sucker for an kind of tunic type lounge wear.  Something like this and leggings is pretty much my Sunday uniform. It's funny because my SIL and her husband did a big trip to Italy and Paris last summer and I joked with Ben about all of the shopping she did before hand to prepare outfits for her trip and now better call the kettle black because I'm doing the same thing.  I bought this with the thought that I'll wear it on the plane ride for our trip with leggings, a tank under, a scarf, and boots.  I figure I'll be cozy, have layers and since boots are a big item to pack, I'll save some room in my suitcase.
My last purchases were from Gap Outlet, a pink turtleneck sweater (boring, but good for work) for $5 and this adorable floral top:

 for $20.  The coloring is off in this picture.  It's a pale pink background and the darkest color is more like a slate grey....but since neon accents seem to be popular right now and I have several blazers and cardi's I can wear over this, plus I can wear it for work or fun, it seems like a win!

Saturday night I babysit my favorite little kids (E-girl, 7 and M-boy,6).  One of the friends from the outlet mall came with because she's going to sit some while we're on our trip.  It's always interesting introducing the kids to new people.  M is pretty much "whatever" and his usual self, but E gets really goofy and awkward.  However, after a few minutes, she seemed to get over it.  Plus, the best part is that girlfriend is still interested in babysitting after meeting everyone.

Sunday was a lazy and productive day.  Before 1pm I made it the grocery store, Target, AE and Gap (to return those awful colored jeans.  I'm sitting that trend out for now).  However, the rest of the day was laze-E!  We watched Drive and Contagion.

I really didn't care for Drive, like at all...well besides the fact that Ryan Gosling is in it (Ben got really weirded out that night when I tried to comb his hair over like Ryan's :O) It was a bit too much mob-type action for me; not what I expected and it was also hard to follow.

Contagion on the other hand, I loved!  It's about an airborne type disease spreading all over the world and the race to find a vaccine.  I thought it was really good!  And of course Ben wouldn't snuggle up with me after I sneezed!

Monday night after the dentist, wanted to do nothing but lay down, we watched The Ides of March, with, guess who, Ryan Gosling! (and George Clooney).  Even though it was a political setting, Ben and I both thought the storyline and plot of the movie was good.  Some of the events seemed a little far fetched, but overall it was believable and really intriguing.

I think we've had our fill of movies this week, but with the Oscars this Sunday, I may try to convince Ben to go to the independent films theater since they're still showing Descendants.

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