Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bullie Fostering Update

I didn’t tell you about it because I didn’t want to jinx it, but last night we had our Chicago Bulldog Rescue (CEBR) home interview.  It’s obviously been a tedious process to get to this point (considering we originally applied in October, didn’t hear back until January and then it took a month and a half to set up a home interview, for which we were stood up (due to an email not going through we thought we had an appt when the rescue had cancelled)).

So last night one of the volunteers and her foster, this cutie Otis:

(Search Chicago English Bulldog Rescue on FB to find him)
came over.  We did a walkthrough of the apartment and then sat down to chat for an hour or so and answer a list of questions like: what would you feed the dog, what do you know about bulldogs and heat, what types of behavioral issues are you willing to deal with, etc.  We also talked what’s required of a foster home (essentially food and care) and also exposing the dog at events where she/he could be seen by possible adopters.  We talked about her personnel experience of having a foster in the home when you already have a family dog and also the transition of putting a foster in their forever home.

Oscar and Otis got along well together; although we decided to keep both dogs on their leashes inside.  Oscar was gun-hoe trying to pull to play with Otis, but he eventually tuckered out and then we just had two noisy panting bulldogs in a room.  It was a glorious sound :O)  We think Oscar would handle having a foster in the home well, although we do think that initially he’d just want to play with him/her the whole time and then eventually get used to having the dog there.
From what we’ve seen and also now through discussions, it seems like a great organization and we’re really hoping it will work out to help!

Although, afterwards Oscar was kind of acting goofy. He didn’t want to sit or snuggle with us.  Ben and I are sure he’s probably trying to figure out what the heck is going on.  We’re both kind of worried for him because my ILs are coming in town this weekend to take Oscar home with them to watch while we’re on our trip.  We’re nervous that Oscar will think he’s going to a new home and that this other dog, Otis, is coming to live in his home.  Hopefully he doesn’t put two and two together to think that!  The next couple days will be filled with lots of extra loving for my little guy!

Also, if you live in Chicago area and are interesting in learning more about the CEBR, check them out on Facebook or here.

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