Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday 3/23's OOTD

Last night I had my babysitting sleepover (which was fun.  The "big" surprise was a scavenger hunt; something I usually do for the kids, but this time they did for me), which meant I had to prepack my outfit and bring an overnight bag to work.  I tried to plan my outfit accordingly for something that could be tossed in a duffel bag and not wrinkle.

Cardigan - Merona (Target)
Belt - J Crew
Dress - Gap Outlet (old; via my sister's closet*)
Shoes- TB Reva's
Jewelry: Gold earrings and bracelet

* The story of the dress:  since we went home last weekend, rather last minute, and because it was only one for night, I decided to use Mr. Sister's weekend packing philosophy of leaving your outfits on their hangers.  This way they don't wrinkle in your bag.  However, as this is the second time I've packed this way and failed; this method does not work if you FORGET to grab your clothes from your closet.

Thus, last weekend I realized I had NO clothes to wear on Sunday and my clothes from the day before were gross (80 degree weather and standing on the side of the road in sun while tearing ductape for your husband = gross clothes). Thus, I went "shopping" in Mr's closet and wound up borrowing this dress (and another shirt too.  Clothes deserve love too and since she's gone for seven months; I feel that it's my responsibility to share the love :O)

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