Thursday, March 22, 2012

M&M PB Goodness

Last night I had the apartment to myself (which I love on occasion).  I posted earlier in the week the Ben had won Blackhawk’s tickets for last night’s game.  Since I was scheduled to babysit last night and tonight, he invited his friend who didn’t get to go to the Bulls game with us.  Then as luck would have it, I got cancelled on for babysitting last night.  Ben was surprised that I didn’t say I wanted to go, but I felt like we couldn’t really tell our friend twice that he could go to a game and then say “oh wait, just kidding”.  Thus, I had an empty place.
I made myself tuna casserole for dinner (Ben HATES tuna, so I only make this if he’s gone), cozied up on the couch with Oscar and watch Like Crazy.  You’ve probably seen previews for it.  It seems like an Indie-type film (maybe?), about a guy from LA and a girl from UK who start a relationship and then the girl’s visa doesn’t allow her back into the US.  It follows their long distance relationship and how they cope with the situations.  It was “ehhh, okay”.  I’m definitely glad that I watched it by myself because it’s preciously the type of movie that Ben hates.

I also made M&M Peanut Butter bars.

I found these on Pinterest a while ago and finally had time to make them.  They were delicious! I followed her recipe to a T; although she doesn’t clearly state what size bag of M&M’s she used.  I used two of your standard gas station size (1.65oz?).  I should have used three.  They were really good though! 

The most disappointing part is that I  hid them from Ben.  You see, I didn’t know if Ben was drinking a ton or not and there have been times in the past when I make a delicious dessert and then Ben comes home and eats it all! Karma kicked me in the butt because I intended on bringing a slice for dessert at lunch and I completely forgot about the yumminess in my oven.

Plus, I AM actually babysitting tonight, directly from work, thus the freshness is escaping from them as I type.  (I’m babysitting overnight because the parents have a late-night dinner function).  While Ben’s at home eating peanut buttery goodness, I’ll be having a “Spring party” with the kids, E & M.  We had an “Easter Party” last year and I got really into it.  These were actually my first Pinterest items I made and before Pinterest was so popular (Actually, it's kind of surreal to look back.  I posted this on my local wedding message board on April 22nd, 2011: One of my friends recently introduced me to Essentially it's a website with "tags"/pictures of items people have seen on the internet and "pinned" to You can search the pins and find images/ideas and put them on your own pin-board. It sounds super confusing, but I've found some great DIY ideas there. If you'd like an invitation, message me with your email or post here. Now that all seems so long ago!)

Anyways, a cute egg garland from paint chips:

and an adorable centerpiece using a potted gerbera, jelly beans and peeps.

This year, since I’m coming from work and have been busy, we’re keeping it simple, like dying Easter eggs and doing an egg hunt.  Although I do have construction paper, so we’ll see what kind of decorations we come up with. 

The  past couple days, E, the 7 year old girl, has been texting me and it’s been pretty entertaining:

E: Hi, it is E, do you want to have a spring part? Can you bring few supplies that you think we will need. Ok.  But we have a lot of stuff too.

Me: Sure that sounds great. I'll see you when I get off work.

E: Ok, see you soon. O, what time do u get off work?

E: And can I show you my gymnastics moves?

Next day the mom tells me not to rush over and I ask if the kids want to dye eggs.

E responds: You didn't answer if you want to see my moves.  O and I love the egg idea!  I have a surprise for you, is Ben coming?

Me: Oh I can't wait.  Nope, I don't think Ben can make it :O(

E: Ok. I bet we can have fun without him. I'll make him something special too

M: That's so sweet of you!

E: We are already boiling the eggs for tomorrow.  3 broke. Do we need more?

Lol, so I'll have to see what kind of surprises I have in store and just how many eggs we'll be decorating! Happy Thursday!

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