Friday, March 9, 2012

Three-way Makeover

Recently I feel like I've been a slave to the computer so last week I took some time and went over over to Michaels to try to get my creative juices flowing.

I also realized that I never posted about my little Pinterest inspired terrarium I made (this is item #1):

Isn't he fun?!


This is actually round #2.  The plants/succulents only lasted about six months or so (geesh, I'm a terrible blogger if I had it six months and failed to share)

To make him I bought:
  • Glass "vase" ($5.99 at Marshalls)
  • River rocks ($3.99 at JoAnn)
  • Moss ($3.99 at JoAnn)
  • Succulents (the ones shown here are from West Elm and were $6-$8; my original succelents were $3-$6 at Home Depot)

This was the problem with the West Elm ones:

Whomp, whomp!

Apparently they needed a lot more water than the Home Depot ones!

While at Michaels, I came across this little do-jobber in the clearance section:

Check out that bargain price!

Oh yea!!

I decided I would put this guy on our little cafe table in the living room.  This is the original set-up, just a few candles on little coaster type holders from Pier One (table decor is item #2):

Except that, I never loved the color.  Doesn't it kind of remind you of an old-school ashtray?  This is one of those things that looking back I wonder a-why I even bought this and b-why the heck did I keep it so long?

So, I bought more river rocks at Bed Bath and Beyond, while out running errands. ($2.99 here, plus I had a 20% off coupon). Yep, I love these.

And last we get to item #3.  Someone decorated this lantern and gave it to us as a wedding gift.  We just put our wine corks in it for the time being (and store it on the floor between our media center and coat rack)

Now, for the shuffle.

I threw out the dead terrarium and clean the vase.  I put some of the river rocks back into, took a candle from the table, and the corks from the lantern (keeping this straight?) and ending up with this guy:

It's love!

Then I just put one of the candles in the lantern:

And I added my third candle to my little do-jobber and river rocks, viola!

I can't quite decide if I'm sold on this though.  I feel like it's kind of weird because I have the single candle (three didn't fit and I try to follow rule of decorating in odd numbers) and then I have the single basket with all of the sticks behind it. Since I took this picture, I added a fabric placement underneath, which kind of helps.

(And in case you're curious...the table was a hand-me down from my SIL, the Cubs pendant is from Vonmaur, the sticks are ikea and the stick basket, which you can't really see, is from Crate and Barrel. It's not on their website anymore, but is similar to this)

and for this weekend's guests, I also gave them a few flowers in the guest room

The vase is from the grocery store for $4, isn't it cute?

Of course, I did break my rule of odd numbers and used only two items;
but I get the mirror can count as a third?


  1. Love the wine cork pieces! I noticed one of the corks was from Blue Sky Winery?? The only Blue Sky I've known is in Southern Illinois. It's one of my favorite wineries ever (my husband and I stayed there for our 2 year dating anniversary) and I've wanted to go back ever since!

  2. Ha, YES! It's one of our favorites too! Ben went to school at SIU (Carbondale)and we'd pretty much go there every time I was visiting him. We had even ordered cases from them since we moved to Chicago!

  3. That's awesome! We live about 2 hours from there now but I need to go back :)


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