Friday, May 25, 2012

Chicago Accomplishment

It's been about 3 years since I moved to Chicago and prior to that I spent summer of 2008 living downtown in the Gold Coast area with a roof top pool. You'd think being in the ritzy downtown area you'd run across a celeb or two, right?  Wrong, I've never had such luck to see a celebrity out and about being a "normal" person. 

And I guess this week's event still doesn't really change that, but it was still an interesting encounter.  While out for a run Wednesday night (yay fitness this week: Tuesday I biked a total of 7miles to from/dinner, Wednesday I ran 3.5 mi and biked 5 and last night I participated in the Chase Coporate Challenge 3.5 miles race at a blazing speed of 8:46 minute/mile pace in 90 degree weather.  I'm actually pretty happy and surprised by myself with that time.).

Anyways, I'll stop the suspense.

Wednesday I'm running back home on a fairly busy street and in the distance I see a film crew with three camera and one of those overhead microphone things on the patio of a bar with two women sitting and talking.  At first I thought it was Guiliana, but I knew it wasn't as I neared.  However, it was obvious something was going on and then as I saw the women's faces, I was a filming for the Chicago Mob Wives!!

I don't watch the show (has it even started airing?), but I knew it had to be them.  Sure enough, after googling it turns out it was definitely Renee Feracotta Russo and I'm not sure who the other was.
So, it wasn't exactly seeing a celebrity out; 1-I wouldn't them celebrities; 2- they were clearly filming, but it was still some excitement!

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