Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gone and Done It Again

I should have told myself, forced myself to finish blogging about our Spring trip to Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona and London before I allowed us to book another trip (I'm sorry, I WILL finish posting about that trip)...but we've booked another trip!

We're going to IRELAND!!!!

We talked about doing an October trip with our couple friends B&B who got married Oct 2011.  It started off as something smaller, like a 4-day weekend to NYC or something.  We all get Travelzoo emails and a few weeks ago there was a trip for $999/person to Ireland with air.  I jokingly sent it to Ben with the note "anniversary?" and he wrote back sure.

We talked about it and looked at our vacation days and bank accounts and decided, by golly, yes, we could do this!  Since we'd talked about a trip with B&B, we asked if they'd have any interest and they said they'd love to join us!  Of course, we went to book the deal on the last night and everything was sold out. Boo.

This past week there was another deal and we all agreed we were still interested and needed to book, so we did just that this week!  We'll be going to Ireland in October with B&B.  We have a direct flight from O'Hare, rental car, and 7 nights of hotels with our package in four different cities. The names of the hotels were listed with the package so we looked them up on Trip Advisor and they all seem decent, if not awesome.  We were able to book the package for 4 people; getting just one rental car and two hotel rooms.

The best part? The price! With upgrading from a compact, manual car (I'm the only one of the group that drives manual, which could be challenging enough, let alone doing it on the "wrong" side of the road) to an automatic full-size (we will have four suitcases afterall), we paid $1,157 per person.  That's about $30 cheaper than buying just the flight ALONE outright! How great of a deal is that?!

Something to look forward too! I can't wait for some breathtaking views like this:

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