Thursday, June 14, 2012

Verizon Calculator

Alright; I spoke with my mom, and I’m not sure how this is right because it seems so expensive, but right now with Verizon my family pays $205/month for 3 basic phones (one with $10/month data; mine crappy phone that the internet doesn’t work on but was “required” when I got the phone; even though Ben got the same phone about 13 days before me and DIDN’T require data).  We have insurance on my phone and my sister’s iphone. That price also includes all fees and taxes.

To upgrade my phone to the iphone, essentially, under the current plan, the only change would be an additional $20/month to get the $30/mo, 2 GB data package for just my line.  Here is the Verizon Shared Data Plan calculator.  It’s really not that helpful, but does give a ballpark.  According to this; if we had two or even three smart phones on the shared plan and two (or one) basic phones; our suggested monthly bill would be $230.  That doesn’t include insurance (add another $20+/month), taxes or fees.  So for us, it seems they the current plan will prove, at a minimum, $30 less per month than the June 28th change.

Even chatting with Verizon help, he seemed fairly clueless, but persistent that I’d be better off to get a smartphone under the current plan and then have the option to go under the new plan if desired:
Dimitrius: You would be able to upgrade now and be under the data plan for each line.

Dimitrius: You could switch to the new plan as soon as it is available.

Hannah: Thank you, I understand that.  Is it possible for you to tell me what the total cost for the current data plan for each line would be compared to the new plan option?

Dimitrius: So if the new plan is more cost effective then you can switch, if you are better off with the current plans you can keep it.

Dimitrius: I don't know the pricing of the new plans.

Hannah: When will the pricing be available?

Dimitrius: I'm not sure, I would assume it will be explained to us the week prior to the new plans.

Hannah: Wow. I'm surprised they would make the announcement without informing their employees first since questions are bound to arise.

Dimitrius: I know.

We’re having a family “meeting” on it this weekend to decide if my parents would both want to upgrade to smart phones and then what the cheapest option is – to get them before or after the data plan change. 


  1. UG! My family and I just went through this last summer when AT&T decided to drop the unlimited data plans. I had to decide to stay on my parents plan and get grandfathered w/unlimited data or switch to a family plan for my H and me. It ended up being around the same for me to switch to a plan w/H and switch to TMobile than it was to stay on AT&T w/my parents. Cell phone companies are such a racket and they have virtually no regulation!

  2. That calculator is helpful! My fiance and I are in the same boat, still on our parents plans. We want to take advantage of the new membership deals to get new smartphones (samsung galaxy s3's) this summer. I'm still not sure which provider we'll go with. I have always had verizon, but I'm nervous of how expensive it will get. I know that they will continue to make things cost more and more since they know they have a monopoly on coverage.


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