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Barcelona - Day 3

Sunday, 4/8
Sunday was Easter Sunday.  Being a Sunday, and Easter (especially in a Catholic dominant country/city), we anticipated a lot of stores and sites to be closed.  Because of this, we opted for a leisurely day without any true plans.

We strolled Las Ramblas and stopped at side streets along the way for the multiple plazas, churches and sites of interest indicated by our Lonely Planet map.
 Unfortunately, La Boqueria, the huge covered market off Las Ramblas, was closed. Based on the research I did, I think I would have loved it, but it was never open during our trip when we passed by (Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Monday). I wish we would have had the opportunity to shop and eat there
We walked down Las Ramblas all the way to the water’s edge, which has a port, view of Montjuic park (and a cable car ride to get there), as well as Mare Magnum, a shopping complex full of stores and restaurants. We strolled along the edge and looked for a place to eat.  Essentially all of the places specialized in seafood, but that wasn’t calling our name, so we walked towards the Born neighbhorhood in search of something to eat.
Cable ride to Montjuic
Mare Magnum
One of the travel boards I frequented had raved about a place called Bobo for its chocolate cake in the Born neighborhood/barrio.  It took some patience to find (for those seeking, it’s right in front of the plaza of Santa Maria Church del Mar (by the Sea; there’s another in the Gothic area that’s  Church of the Land), but when we did, we realized it was a patisserie and really didn’t have any valid lunch options. 
Santa Maria Church del Mar
After two nights of tapas, we all agreed that we wanted something else for lunch.  Right next to Bobo was Caputxes.  Even though their menu said tapas, they had a variety of other items so we opted to eat there. AWESOME decision.  Mr. Sister and Ben both got pizza and I got a pasta dish that was to die for. Seriously, I recommend that place 100%.
After lunch we realized we were close to Picasso Museum.  It wasn’t a must on our list, but considering that Sundays are FREE admission after 3pm, we figured we may as well stop by.  A lot of others had the same idea because the lines (yes, two of them going opposite directions out of the door) were both blocks long.  Instead we decided to walk down to Barceloneta Beach.  It was in the upper 70s.  We didn’t have bathing suits or towels; but we did stop at a convenient store to get some beverages to bring along.

The beach was fairly crowded despite the cold water. It didn't matter, it is gorgeous.
Simpsons anyone?
After relaxing on the beach some, we walked towards the Olympic Village (1992 Olmypics).  We considered going to the Barcelona Zoo, which we’d read good things about, but opted against it. After checking out the views, and desperately needing to go to the bathroom, we got on the metro and went back to the Gothic Quarter.  Right off the Jaumel metro stop was a coffee shop, Cappuxccino, we stopped in for a drink and a pitt stop.
Coffee Smoothie
From there we decided it wasn’t that far from Picasso Museum that we should go back.  The line was still long, but only took about 30 minutes, so we waited.  Pictures of his work aren’t allowed, but I would say that if you’re slightly interested in Picasso’s work, the museum is worth visiting. 
After the museum we shopped/browsed more of the Gothic Quarter and Ravel before heading back to the apartment for a brief rest. 
We mutually agreed that we wanted to stay away from tapas for dinner, but truly had no idea of other recommended options so we decided to walk around.  We found one huge restaurant on a corner in L’ Exiample with two floors of seating and patio seating.  The menu looks decent so we went inside.  We were taken upstairs to our seats but before sitting down Mr. and I had already decided, in our heads, that we did not want to stay here to eat.  The glasses were dirty, the entire upstairs smelled like fish, etc.  As soon as our hostess was out of site, we bolted. (I apologize I don't remember the name of the spot)

Man, am I glad we did.  We wandered around before finding a charming, simple, modern spot called La Botiga. (There are a few locations; we ate location: Rambla de Catalunya, 27)  If you have the chance, eat here!  We were seated on the main floor and only after having to find the restrooms downstairs through the second/main dining area did we realize how big this place was.  The menu was anything but tapas and everything was fabulous.  We had some bubbly (cava) as well as more sangria and I think this was one of our most expensive dinners, near 95E for three people, which includes apps/salads/entrees/dessert/drinks.  Score!
Brie Veal; scrumptous!
Chicken Tempura

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