Friday, July 20, 2012

Walking Workstation

Ben cracks me up. I have to share this.

Earlier this week we got this email from work and I forwarded it to Ben:

As an ongoing extension of our Get Healthy program, we are pleased to announce that the Chicago office will be piloting an exciting new office fitness concept – the Walkstation.  Beginning Thursday, July 19th, interested staff will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of a new Walkstation .  The Walkstation combines an adjustable workstation arrangement, complete with a computer and phone access, with a low-speed treadmill that allows users to walk comfortably (at a maximum speed of 2 mph) while accomplishing some of the work that you would normally do while seated. 

·         Need to go through your latest batch of e-mails?  Step up to the Walkstation to review and respond while burning some calories. 

·         Need to complete a few business calls?  Walk while you talk. 

·         Need to push through a temporary afternoon energy slump?  Get your thoughts and ideas moving again as you re-energize at the Walkstation.

Employees who would like to use the Walkstation can sign up to reserve a 30-minute time slot once a day, as available.  A daily sign-up schedule will be available at the Walkstation cubicle. 

Please note that the Walkstation is not intended to provide an aerobic/cardio-level type workout.  Rather, the limited speed range of the treadmill will allow you to enjoy the health benefits that this type of moderate walking can still provide, while you attend to some of your daily work tasks.  Please note that proper shoes must be worn on the treadmill:  only gym shoes, no heels, sandals, flip flops, etc.

We hope you will enjoy using this unique new Walkstation and the positive health benefits it can bring by helping you to stay active and feel more energetic throughout your workday.

And then Ben sends me this picture with the email title: "so this is what everyone will do on the new machine?"

Bahaha; I literally laughed so loud that my coworkers came over to see what was so funny.

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