Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Afternoon in the Park

Last Saturday, with Ben out of ton, I got to catch up with my favorite little loves, E & M, the kids I babysat/nannied while in college.
With gorgeous weather, we hit up one of our favorite parks.  On the way we did neighborhood bingo; it was my effort to convince them to get out of the condo.  We came up with a list of 30 items we thought we'd see on a walk and placed them into a homemade bingo board.  We had a blast walking to the park and looking for items along the way.
We included: white car, garbage can, bike, taxi, bird, flowers, truck, bus, spider web, fence, etc.  It was actually really fun and FREE! (For the record, E, the elder of the two won twice and M, the little boy, won once)
Little fashionista
(She insisted on wearing her mom's boots,
which were way to big for her)

The cutest drinking fountain
We grabbed some quesadillas to go from Blue Agave (yummy Mexican if you're in Gold Coast neighborhood!) for dinner.  After dinner we enjoyed the rooftop pool and the view.

View to die for
Since Ben had the car for his adventure in Dixon, I ended up taking the bus home...and along the way I came up with the genius idea of stopping at Molly's Cupcakes (since there's a stop there along the bus route).  I saved $0.75 by rescuing this imperfect cupcake from the Walk of Shame, but found out it had to be eaten in store (weird). It was delicious as ever though.

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