Monday, August 27, 2012

Michigan City Outlet Purchases

I set a budget for myself of $200 for the girls shopping trip.  I was a little bit nervous that with five other girls it'd be hard to stick at, but my grand shopping total was $103 (plus $30 in Gapcard rewards, but those don't really count).
Here are my finds:

Item #1
Size Small Petite
Regular price: $24.95; 25% off price: $18.17
I'm so glad to have found this because this color has been sold out online in my size for a few weeks.
I pinned this look last week and am excited to recreate.
Item #2
Size Small Petite
(I didn't realize I grabbed the petite. I tried on a regular medium
and it was way too big.  I may go back to the store to find a regular
 small; but I like the small petite fit. The only hesitation I have with
it is that to wear for work I'd have to pair it with tights because of the length)
Regular Price: $29.95; 25% off price $22.46
Two notes to make:
#1. This dress comes in solid colors too. It's made out of polyester. 
 I originally liked the red too, but seeing it in person, I kind of felt that the
 solid polyesters looked a bit cheap, especially compared to the print
#2. With my $30 rewards, I only paid about $10 toal for these first two items!

Following the trend....
Item #3
Regular price: $46.50, sale price: $19.99
I've wanted a leopard print scarf for a few seasons now.
 I'm happy to have found one at a good price from a quality store!
Item #4
BCBG Sequin Sweater
Regular price: $238; sale price $24.50!
Size small
This sweater has a funny story. One of the six of us girls picked it up, and then five of us
ended up purchasing it!  The store had a promotion that if you bought 3+ clothing items,
you got 50% off your total. So we buddied up to all get the sale price of $24.50
Item #5
AT Loft Blouse
Regular price $36.99

This was my most expensive purchase and I'm still a little hestitant about it. One-purchase who spends $40 on one top from the Loft?! And two- they didn't have any smalls left, so I grabbed the medium because I couldn't part with the style and the color. I'm hoping this was a worthwhile purchase.
Item #6
Not fun enough to be posted:
White crew tee from Banana Republic Outlet
There ya have it.

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  1. I saw the leopard print dress in Old Navy and loved it... but I also bought a leopard print scarf and thought I didn't want to go overboard with all the animal print, haha! I do love it so I'm so glad its "in" this season!


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