Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hair Hell

Alright, I've decided it's not fair to keep you waiting.  Plus, maybe you can convince me my hair is not as bad as I feel like it is.
Last night I had an appointment at Ulta Salon.  It was my third time seeing this stylist.  The first time I had come in with a bad highlight job (from elsewhere).  I was in despair and she was able to help. She applied an all over toner, which masked the highlights that were placed too far from the roots.  I had no hesitant booking her a second time for some high/low lights.  It went well.  It wasn't drastic but just the touch up I needed.
Proceed to last night.  I had a 6pm appointment.  I arrived at 5:50 and didn't see her anywhere.  I went to the bathroom and sit down in the waiting chair at 6pm.  The stylist walks around the corner from the sinks with another client who had clearly just been washed and still needed to be cut/dried.
Flash forward to 6:40pm and I am finally seated.  We talk about my hair. I say I don't like how blonde it is on the bottom where all of the color has kind of blended together.  I don't like how exposed the roots are but I like the blended part a few inches down.  I say I want to get kid of the blonde and hide the roots.  She suggests coloring the roots an ashy blonde and then applying a toner all around. I agree.
She brings out the colors and I say I like a color that's close to my natural color but slightly lighter.  T get to that color, she suggests we do a shade lighter and once that blends with my current hair color, I'll like the results. (Well guess what? I won't).
I sit. She washes. She tones. While the toner is in; she has another appointment come for a haircut.  I sit. I tone. I silently fume.  Another stylist washes out my toner and I sit and wait. Finally the towel comes off and I look like a friggin pumpkin.  I hold back the tears and she calmly tells me this is part one of two appointments to get the color right (WTF; we had not agreed to this in the beginning).  At this point it's 9:10 and I am asked to go pay so the registers can be closed.
We do the cut.  I actually like the cut.  More was taken off than I'd expected; but my ends were awful and I had said I wanted to keep as much length as possible, but knew it needed help. So, the cut I like, although it will taken getting used to the shorter length.
She asks when I can come in for Part 2 and I mention that I'm leaving for vacation Thursday, which is the next day she works.  She says she doesn't want me to go on vacation like this, so she'll come in on Wednesday to do low lights.  I then ask if there's going to be an additional charge for that and she said yes, but given the circumstances she'd give me some kind of discount (25% off or something).
I left the salon at 9:45. I was there four hours and didn't even have highlights put it (which, in my experience is typically more time consuming than dyes). I may or may not have had tears in my eyes when I walked in our apartment.
So now, tonight I have to unpack from the past weekend and pack for an entire week; then go back and spend another night, the night before our trip, in the salon getting this fixed.
After all of my blabber, I apologize. I should have forewarned you this post was really going to be a vent. Here are the pictures.  Judge for yourself. What do you think? 
(Do you think I look like a mix of an alien and Slim Shady too??)

Maybe I overreacted a little bit; but I think my biggest issue is the roots.  1- The color gave me an orange-tint on the previously "undyed" roots that is overwhelming (and not cute too much).  2-I think the light roots are SUCH a contrast to my previous dark roots that I'm a taken back. 
Either way though, this is way lighter and WAY oranger than I want to be.  Plus it's going to look like shit when it grows out with my dark roots.  I'm going that sacrificing another night (and more money), will solve these issues.  Otherwise, it is out of season to wear a fedora in Ireland right now?!

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  1. if you want to drive to Palatine--I really suggest you go see my girl who is a color expert! She's the only reason I drive out there, she's that good.
    let me know if you want her info! :)


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