Thursday, September 13, 2012

Renegade Craft Fair Finds

Here are some of my favorite vendors from Renegade this past weekend.
  • Paz Sintes: From Barcelona originally, she makes lightweight textile jewelry
  • The Social Dept: Hand printed t-shirts with some really fun regional puns, like this shirt:
I also found two possible shirts for Ben for Christmas:
Although I made need to get this for myself. My mom was about six
months pregnant when the Bears won the superbowl and always teases
that I was doing my own Superbowl Shuffle in her belly that day.

SIL bought this one for her baby

My best friend with a dachshund will be getting
 this from me as soon as she tells me she's pregnant
  • Ork Posters:  All kinds of fun and regional posters.  I'd love to get one for NYC, Chicago, London and Paris to frame and hang together on a wall

  • Flocktails: How fun are these handpainted leather (and reversible) accessorries?!
  • Little Hip Squeaks: Homemade, adorable and incredibly soft baby items (Note: I stopped at all of these baby stands because SIL is expecting; not me! :O)
  • Ryan Kapp:  A modern artist (I picked up his card last year too). I'd love to have each of his Chicago Season's posted together:
Tribal Bib
Love at First Spike

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