Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bully Bash

 Sunday was the BIG day; our first Bully Bash.  In past years we haven't been able to attend (because we were busy getting married!), but this year changed all of that.  We set up on Saturday and Sunday was the real deal.
There is SO much that going into planning this event from vendors, donations, silent auction, baked goods, set-up, advertisement, decor, etc.  I am EXTREMELY impressed with the volunteers in Chicago English Bulldog Rescue and how well organized this event is.  Literally, I think some people worked straight 48 hours to make the Bully Bash a success. And it was.
There were a few downfalls to the day, so let's get those out of the way to share the good.
  • I got stung by a bee while setting up the agility course.  It didn't land on me and give me a quick poke. It was on my pinky and I didn't realize and made a fist; squeezing it into my finger. OUCH! I still have a mark (and yes, I'm a wimp).
  • Oscar didn't get to join in the fun because we had to much work to do.  It was a bummer, but now having experienced it, I understand why we were asked not to bring him.
and last but not least, Mother Nature.  She was one cranky bitch Sunday. 
Since Ben and I weren't signed up for a specific area, we were floaters and helped where needed throughout the day.  We ended up spending a lot of our time at the agility course.  We all know that bulldogs are highly athletic (errrr wait, no, not at all), so the course was designed for them by another volunteer.  It had eight obstacles do achieve.  Dogs were able to practice in the morning and then the timed event, one shot per dog, was in the afternoon.  The rain cut us short, but we got a few contestants in.  The winner completely the course in 23.1 seconds!!
Here's the course (below).  It originally had a signed that connected the two pillars saying "Cemetery" but the wind blew it down (the same with the fencing we spent an hour assembling).
We also helped check in dogs to the "Spa" while relieving others for lunch.  This is when Mother Nature started to really act up and literally blew over the tents we were standing under.  There was a mad dash to move the bulldogs waiting for their spa-time and set up camp elsewhere.  The worst was yet to come.
During the agility contest, it started to rain fairly hard so we located all of the spectactors (40+ people?) under a tent, waiting for the rain to pass over.  Well, it didn't.  You see, most of the event was field outside in a field, except that there was building where food was served and that had tables/chairs inside.  Several of the vendors relocated in here because their tents blew down too.  So, we're standing under a tent, waiting for the rain to stop when someone from inside runs (100 yards or so) to our tent and yells, "Everyone needs to get inside, NOW!".  No sooner did they yell that than the tornado siren starting blaring.  I thought it was possible that I would die running from that tent to the building, Twister-style.
Luckily, no tornado touched down and after 30 minutes, the warning was lifted.  Needless to say, the majority of folks left. If they didn't leave, they went to shop, as the merchandise tent was the only tent with a roof and sides to protect from the rain.
Now that you've heard the bad.  Here's the good.
First, we saw Knucklehead!!! This was right after I realized he was there:
We greeted him and his new owner.  He immediately wagged his tail and we know that he recognized us.  He would not stop looking at us.  While petting him, I started crying (almost to the point of ugly sobs). Knucks looked SO happy with his new family.  He's put on some much needed weight and he is just so sweet. 
Part of the event is the Rescue Parade.  All dogs that are currently up for adoption are walked across the stage, followed by all of the dogs who have been adopted.  Seeing Knucklehead on that stage was so exciting!  Although it was hard to say goodbye, seeing him on stage lit up my heart.  I'm so happy for our furry friend and that he finally gets the love he deserves! 
 The other main event for Bully Bash is the Costume Contest. Knucks came as Darth Vader and his owner was Princess Leia. How friggin cute is he?!
People are so creative with this costumes.  There are five categories and prizes. Some other cuties I managed to snap pictures of:
Rodeo Clown
Bacon and Eggs

Taco (his name; he was the agility course "tester")
This cheery Monseiur
Miss Piggy
(Her own wore a Kermit shirt)
Marilyn Monroe
(Even has her nails done)
Unfortunately, due to the rain, there wasn't the chance to vote for costume favs as there usually is. However, you're in luck because the voting was moved to online.  Now through Thursday, you can check out Chicago English Bulldog Rescue's FB page and vote for your favorites by "liking" them!

As with most places we go, I can always find something to buy.  This time, we bid on a few silent auction items.  Of course, the only one we won was the one I bid on for myself.  This is something I'd actually seen on Piperlime months ago, but forgot about.
Can you tell what was inside?!
Betsey Johnson bulldog earring and necklace set!!! I'm so excited to rock these :O)

In addition to the money we spent on random knick-knacks in the Merchandise tent (I can't help that I have a thing for ornaments and Ben loves t-shirts!); we also purchased these coasters from a vendor, Lildog.  How cute are they?! She also does pet portraits, which may be in our future...
Now I just need to work on sneakily throwing out all of the miscellaneous cheap thin cardboard beer coasters Ben has collected.

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