Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hair Update

It's been two weeks now since I had my hair "fix" from my terrible first appointment and I'm still not impressed.  The pictures below are from the morning after the "fix"; but to me, the color is still very orange/coppery at the roots. 

The lighting is different, but on the left is after appt 1
and on the right is after appt 2: NO major difference
I survived Ireland (feeling a bit Irish myself with the strawberry blonde hair), but this week, looking in the mirror, I'm still heart broken about how it looks. I know it's not terrible but, this is not what I wanted. Last night I called the Ulta Salon and spoke with the manager, explaining my situation: I don't love it, I spent double than what I had originally planned and honestly felt like it ruined some of our trip pics. I know it's vain, but it's frustrating that I'd purposely scheduled a hair appointment to have some fresh locks and they turned out like crap.
Tonight I'm going into the salon to have the manager take a look and see what she can do. Let's hope it's better than what I have. 

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