Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Howl-o-ween!! (+deals)

Happy Hoooowl-O-ween!!

Good morning and happy Halloween! You can't always count on us dressing up, but as long as we have a dog (which I'm sure will be forever now), you can count on us for a dog in a costume.  I didn't buy Oscar a new costume this year, but lucky for us (and Salty), last year I bought him two and they both still fit.  Meet Oscar the Shark and Saltine the Drama Queen (aka Salty).
Sunday night we had friends over for a Pumpkin Style Brew and View.  In other words, we carved pumpkins, drank some of Ben's homebrews (this years pumpkin is seriously, non-biased, awesome, and watch Paranormal Activity 3. 

I'd never seen any of the Paranormal movies and I'm not sure I want to see more.  I didn't think it was that scary, until the next morning when Ben knocked on the door while I was getting ready to shower and I screamed bloody murder. Also, after that when I had to take the dogs out for a morning walk when it was still dark. Yeah....okay, maybe it was scary.
Tonight's Halloween plans are still TBD.  Originally we were going to go to SILs to help with Trick or Treaters and order some pizza.  Leave it to Ben to not make plans, but to switch everything up.  He won some concert tickets and we're considering going.  The only downfall is the main group doesn't start until 9pm, which is typically my hop-in-bedtime. Maybe I should dress up like a grandma for Halloween?
Whatever you do, I hope you have fun! Stay warm (I've decided that from now on if I don't wear boots to work, I'm wearing my Uggs for the commute) and stay safe!
Today's deals and steals:
  • Caribou Coffee: BOGO all drinks today
  • Crate and Barrel: Up to 50% off sale
  • Old Navy: Today and online only, 20% off purchase with code ONTRICK
  • Today only, $1.60 for $25 gift certificates with code TREAT (15% back via
  • Ulta: Today and online only, $10 off any $50+ purchase with code 80444
  • West Elm: Free shipping ends tonight; use code FREESHIP
  • Zazzle: 50% off cards and invites through 11/4 with code ZHOLIDAYMAIL (10% back via

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