Monday, October 22, 2012

Sweet 'n Salty

Here she is!
Meet Salty; our newest Chicago English Bulldog Rescue! She arrived Friday night. She's definitely not the pint-size puppy I was anticipating; but she is most definitely a sweetie.  Our previous foster dogs were both surrender owners. Salty is our first puppymill dog (and also first female).  We'd been told that puppymill girls usually melt with excitement when you touch them. Salty fits this too a tee. 
She's only one and inquisitive about EVERYTHING, which we think is a combination of her young age and her background.  
There are so many things to take for granted with raising a puppy.  This poor girl is one year old and has no experience wearing a collar or walking on a leash. She cowers when we start to pet her and she didn't have a clue how to climb stairs. 
 After much coaxing (and treats), we finally got her to go up.  I almost cried.  Just a good reminder of why not to buy dogs from Pet stores (which most likely come from puppy mills like the one Salty escaped).

When sitting on the floor, she'll try to climb her way into our laps and waits to be pet. 
She already adores Ben. (let's be honest, who doesnt?!) 
 She even came wearing a Halloween costume; bat wings!! 
  Yep, she's a beauty and will make one family very happy. 
 Let's just hope we're strong enough that it won't be ours.
PS- I should mention, we are being challenged with potty-training.  The first night was great, no accidents! Since then, it's been a train wreck.  She has get to go #2 outside.  This morning after our 15 minute walk (she and Osc haven't been fully introduced but they get along well enough right now that I can take them on a walk together by myself); anyways, this morning we went on a 15 minute walk.  Nothing; no poops or pees.  We get back inside and as soon as I leave the room; boom. Pee on the floor.

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