Thursday, October 18, 2012

We're getting a puppy!!!

Okay, so it may only be temporarily...but here's the story.

At Bully Bash on Sunday, we were asked if we were ready for another foster.  We said we would talk about in and let the rescue know.  We were nervous that we'd spent two weeks away from Oscar (during our trip he split time at his grandparents) and we'd only been back with him for a week. During the drive back to the city, Ben said, okay, we can get another foster in a week.  I was shocked.  I thought he'd want weeks or months even.

One thing I've learned, when the man agrees to something you want, you run with it. Thus, Monday morning I emailed that we'd be ready for a foster this weekend.  And now she's coming!

Salty will arrive in Chicago late Friday night.  We don't have a picture from her, but what we do know is that she's coming from a puppy mill.  She's only one (squeal!!!!!) and wasn't used for breeding because she has an elongated soft palete.    An elongated palette is similar to the idea that if the roof of your month was too long, it'd block part of your throat. It's commond with bulldogs, but, since they already have breathing issues, it can be a big issue.  The level of severity varies, so Salty may or may not require surgery.  We'll have to see when she comes in.

Either way, all I keep thinking is puppy, puppy, puppy and I cannot wait.  You can remind me of this next week if I'm complaining about accidents (one common training issue with puppy mill does is potty training.  They're used to going in their crates so you have to work hard to ween them out of the habit). 

I'm not going to lie, there's also a small part of me reminding myself that we've fostered two dogs already; which means that technically by the rescue's rules, we'd be allowed to adopt now....hmmmm.

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