Sunday, November 18, 2012


Today was Salty's big day; she was adopted!

 A few weeks ago (actually after only having had her five days), I took Salty along on a home-visit for potential adopters.  In order to adopt with the rescue, one submits an online application, which is followed up with a phone interview.  The last step to become an approved adopter is a home-visit.

The couple absolutely adored Salty, and while I thought they would be a great match, she was paired with a different couple.  The unique thing about our rescue is that as an adopter, you don't pick the dog you adopt.  Our matching-committee has years of experience doing just that (matching families and dogs), so they examine each dog and family profile to come up with the perfect match.  While I was disappointed Salty didn't go with the family I had hoped, I know she will be a spoiled princess in her new home.

She was/is a hard one to say bye to.  She was our first female and first puppy mill dog. Like another foster said after I posted this video, Salty has come out of her shell so much in the four weeks we had her. 

As soon as I shut the door when she left, I had tears streaming down my cheeks.  Ben laughed at me, but within a matter of minutes, the tears turned into sobs and that got Ben crying.  So Ben, Osc and I sat on the floor crying for a few minutes.  As I hugged Ben (and got kisses from Oscar to clean my tears), I reminded him, "we've made a difference in a dog and families life.  We're doing something good".  This was more of a reminder to myself though.

We'll miss  you little momma!

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