Thursday, November 15, 2012

What is Ebates?

Let's talk, shall we?

Months ago I did a post about ebates, however due to the name change of my blog and Blogger's inability to keep up, I have not successfully been able to search for and locate the page.  With the holidays coming up (read more online shopping), I wanted to recap my love for Ebates and why you should join/use it.

First and foremost, it's free to sign up!  As the name suggests, it's more or less an electronic rebate (ebate) for your online shopping.  Ebates works with different websites and does advertising for the sites on, by doing so, you, the consumer, get a perfect back every time you shop a certain website, when you shop through

"Shopping through" doesn't mean you give them your credit card or anything like that, you simply log into Ebates, search for your store, and then open the store's website by clicking the link in Ebates.

Each store has a set percentage that Ebates offers back to you, based on the overall amount you spend at that particular store website.  In addition to the set percentages, Ebates also has daily doubles, which, as the name suggests, doubles the percent ebate for a particular store on that one particular day.  They also have monthly specials; so every month, certain stores percent back increases.

Every quarter Ebates then sends you a check (in mail), which you will happily cash.  Really, it's that easy and NO cost to you!  Hence, why I think of it as "free" money. The quotes because it's not really free; like they say, you have to spend money to make money.

It's as simple as signing up and then remembering to shop a store via ebates, which is why I try to include the percent back in my daily deals.

Despite all of my daily deals posts, I don't shop a lot online (I'm too particular about fits and quality in person), however, in the approximate two years I've been a member, I've gotten back approximately $130. And the number is growing with my recent online gift purchases!

Join here today!

If I missed anything or if you still have questions, please ask away!

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