Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dose of Doggie

Last night, before Ben's brew competition, Tiny Tim (our newest foster dog) and I had a mini-shoot to update his profile with Chicago English Bulldog Rescue to hopefully attract some adopters.
He is a complete doll, except for the peeing in the house thing. We could do without that. Patience, I tell myself, patience.
A copied pose from Oscar
Seriously, this boy is such a cutie pie.
The one thing to note is that none of this pictures capture what a big boy he is!


  1. ADORABLE! I'm sorry he's having bladder control issues. I'm surprised, I always say Roxy has an iron bladder, and attributed it to her being a bigger (more solid) doggy. Maybe all bulldogs aren't like that :-P

    He'll definitely get better!

  2. He is so cute! But I hope that peeing in the house thing goes away soon.


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