Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fancy That OOTD

I've decided I really need to change the way I store my jewelry.  It's scattered.  I have a mini-mannequin on my dresser with small delicate necklaces, a hanging zipper pouch in my closet (similar to this) for necklaces and earrings, and the top drawer of my dresser reserved for jewelry pieces in their original boxes. I've started a Pinterest board to try to decide how to be more organized.

The cause of my realization for my lack of organization?  The fact that I bought the necklace  I'm wearing in this outfit during the summer and I *think* this is my second time to wear it.  I found it earlier this week. Hmm, fancy that.
Shirt - Gap (old, one of my fav's if you haven't already noticed)
Skirt - Banana Republic pencil
Necklace - Purchased at Randolph Street Market

Don't you love forgotten treasures?
PS- Don't you love movies where the title of the movie is said, or shown, at somepoint during the film?

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