Monday, December 17, 2012

It's Hard; Prayers to CT

I am not a parent, or even close to being one, yet Friday's events have terrified me, like so many others. 

It's hard to even begin to understand how someone could have the thoughts to do such an act, let alone, actually carry out those thoughts.
It's hard to realize that guns are so accessible in this country.
It's hard to realize that in the land of opportunity, these poor innocent souls will not have their chance to grow and succeed.
It's hard to think that a human is people of committing such horror. 
It's hard to think about the families and loved ones receiving a call that their special someone is gone.
It's hard to see the president and leader of our country in tears and speechless.
It's hard to think that no where is truly safe.
It's hard to think of the adults who risked and lost their lives for others.
It's hard to imagine the confusion, terror and fear.
It's hard to know what to possibly say or feel after such an tragic event. 

This is my attempt to gather my thoughts.
I pray for your healing, your heart and all of humanity.

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