Monday, December 10, 2012

Wknd Recap

This past weekend was a good mix of excitement and relaxation.  Friday night we had Ben's company holiday party.  He works for a small company so the gatherings are aways intimate. We started off the night at the company owner's home with drinks and a gift exchange.  The gift exchange is simple, but always fun (although it's funny because now thinking about it, I don't technically participate; usually it's just the employees). $25 gift, wrap it up, draw numbers and go around once.  You can steal a gift or open a new one. 

We (Ben) wound up with a tortilla pan and a package of tortillas; which honestly wasn't all that thrilling.  Bless Ben's owner's wive's heart, because she must have felt bad for us and switched us we brought home Cards Against Humanity!  If you haven't heard of it, don't worry, Ben hadn't either, but I had.  The internet world has been abuzz about this game.  It's essentially the "politically incorrect" version of Apples to Apples and it's hilarious.  You can google the internet for examples. 

Apparently it was created by a fellow Chicagoan, as the girl who'd brought it as her gift knows the creator!  You can buy it here for $25 (warning, it has sold out and will again) or you can download and print it out for free here.

After the exchange, we headed to Old Town neighborhood for dinner at Kamehachi. We never eat sushi because my husband eats like a two year old is picky, which is a shame because I forget that I do in fact like it.  Our meal was delicious!
From dinner, we walked down the street to Second City, for an improv comedy show at 11pm.  It was our third time at Second City and our first time seeing a show (Who Do We Think We Are?) on the main stage (in the past we've had tickets to the smaller stage upstairs).  Quite frankly, even having had drinks prior to, the show was not that funny.  We went in October with my ILs to see We're All in This Room Together, my stomach hurt from laughing so much when we left.  Saturday night, not so much.
Easily the funniest moment of the show was when Ben put on a horse mask.  Ben has been obsessed with this horse mask this fall after seeing random photo bomb pictures on The Chive.  We scoured Halloween stores after Halloween for him to find one on sale with no success. He found one on Amazon and put it on his Christmas list (which I refused to buy).  Apparently he watched it on Amazon because the day it dropped to $20, he ordered it for his company gift exchange.
Saturday was an extremely lazy (or hungover?) day.  I actually don't really recall anything of what we did during the day.  I think it involved sleeping, TV and some light cleaning/organizing.  By 5pm, we were starving (I'd made waffles for breakfast when we got up), so we headed up to a classic fav, Bad Apple, for burgers and beer.  I switched from my usual Bacon and Bleu Cheese (which I think recently changed to BLT & BC on their menu) to the Slow Burn: Belhaven Scottish Stout sautéed spicy chilies & onions, bacon, white cheddar. It was good, but I like bleu cheese better.
Saturday night, we cozied up on the couch with the bully boys and watched Elf. Always a classic.
Sunday was filled with shopping and errands.  Not only did I get our grocery/apartment items needed, but I also finished shopping for two secret santa gift exchanges and an angel tree gift. I got home just in time to watch the Bears officially lose.
Sunday night we had our fav couple, B&B, come over with their puppy (who is now huge! Remember him?  Well now he's taller and much longer than Oscar; but still quite the cutie) for Sunday night Piece Pizza Special (pizza and a growler for $30; yes please!)  We watched Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, which was not good. And I'm kind of surprised it's rated R.  We all thought it was pretty slow going.
And that was our weekend!

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