Monday, January 14, 2013

Boys will be Boys

I haven't told you much about our adorable house guest, Tiny Tim, recently have I?

We started fostering him over a month ago (Dec 2 to be exact) and now that we're over the hump of trying to teach him how to be a house pet (climbing stairs and going potty outside), I have to say, we're quite smitten with Tiny, but none more than Oscar.


This is the best relationship Oscar has had with one of our foster dogs; for those of you who follow my instagram (@justcallmehaha) or know me on Facebook, you've already seen their connection.

 The boys will rough house and play in the silly, growling and gnarling way that only bulldogs do.  Oscar allows Tiny Tim to drink from his water bowl and even eat his food without snapping (although Tiny really should keep to his own food bowl), but when it comes down to it, I think Oscar really loves having Tiny Tim around.

BTW, I hate that ugly green chair but Ben taught Oscar
to sit in it with "chair" command and refuses to part with it

The best part is them at the end of the day (besides the snoring bulldog symphony when we're trying to read or watch TV). I mean, look at these two!

In case you wondered, yes, Tiny is using Osc's bum as a pillow

I've asked Ben several times if this could be it?, the second dog we've been waiting for?  Then we quickly remember that we're not really waiting for/wanting a second dog and as much as we love having Tiny, we love our overall experience of fostering more. We wouldn't be able to continue fostering if we had two dogs of our own. 

The one downside to Tiny Tim is his terrible gas. I'll just have to think of that when I'm tempted to make the call to adopt him. Seriously!

That still won't stop me from sneaking Tiny Tim into our bedroom when Ben is still in New York for work though...

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