Thursday, January 17, 2013


Some of these things I've shared and some I haven't, but at an attempt to get more personal, here you go, in no particular order, rhyme or reason:
  • I am in my mid-20s and have slept with a stuffed animal almost every night for the past 10+ years. Bunny (or Buns as I like to call him) was given to me by Ben one birthday when my pet bunny died a couple weeks prior and I was mourning his loss.
  • I am a terrible flosser; as in I forget to do it.
  • I am great at making budgets for travel, just not when it comes to food and drink and shopping.  If you're going to go somewhere and be a penny pincher when you get there, why bother? (No to say we have $300 tabs for dinners, but within reason)
  • I am scared to death of not passing my PE.  What does it say if I can't pass an exam based on things I am supposed to know?
  • I am a cookie monster. I bake cookies at least once a week and rarely share them with my coworkers; just Ben!
  • I go back and forth on wanting kids.  Some days I think we're ready and most others I think about how I like our life that way it is now that I don't want that to change. I worry about how to do you know when it's time for the next change in life or should you just let life happen.
  • I am a chronic snacker. You should see my work drawers.
  • I am detailed but not always organized.  For example, we have a junk drawer (or maybe several).  I know to put all of the misc. items I don't know what to do with in the junk drawer but have no way of finding things in it other than to scrounge through.
  • I spend wasteful minutes and hours on my phone ever since getting an iphone. It annoys Ben to no end and something I'm trying to be more conscience of.
  • I have slight OCD tendencies (or so says Ben): towels must be folded a certain way (hello, they fit better in our space-limited linen closet when folded my way; as opposed to Bens), all light switches must be facing down when the lights are off (we have two switches to operate the kitchen and four for the hallway).
That's all for now.

Do you have any confessions to share with me?


  1. Han - my life has never been the same since you taught me how you fold towels... is it weird to say that I think of you every time I fold towels?!!

    1. Lol, no at all! I have a few things that I do/make that remind me of you!

  2. I have OCD also. The pillows on the bed have to be in a certain order. Also, I'm obsessed with my iphone... it's kind of a problem!

  3. I am on my phone waaaaaaaay toooooo much too. It's gotten really bad! Oops! And I can't remember the last time I flossed!


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