Thursday, January 10, 2013

Loop de Loop

Welcome to the roller coaster ride this is life.  Earlier this week I was upset and moody and now the tides have turned.  Once I decided to just accept the challenges ahead of me, my anxiety disappeared. Just in time to be replaced with some excitement.

I briefly mentioned that  Ben gets to go to NYC later this month. Something you should know about me is that I love, love, love New York!  I've only been twice (Jan 2005 and Jan 2007), both for a nannying trip, but I fell in love.  Ever since my first trip I've wanted to take Ben and share the excitement with him. 

Of course, life and finances got in the way and that never became a reality.  Thus, I was admittedly jealous (and heartbroken) when Ben found out he needed to go to NYC for some job training.  It's a terrible thing to say and feel, but added to my already overwhelmed feelings about work, I was kind of bitter and totally took it out on him. Eeek.

As it turns out, Ben searched flights for the dates he needs to be there and the flights were much cheaper ($300+ cheaper) if he flew in on the weekend.  Thus, he asked if that'd be okay and was told it was fine.  I did a complete attitude 180 and frantically started searching for flights for myself.

Ben was supposed to have training Mon-Thurs.  The plan was to fly in together on Saturday, get a hotel Saturday and Sunday. I would take a PM flight out Monday and spend the day by myself in the city (taking Monday off work) and Monday Ben would go to training and check into his (company-paid) hotel.

Plan B came into action yesterday when Ben was told to be there Tuesday instead of Monday.  Granted this meant we would have a third night hotel to add to our budget, but we would also be adding a second full day to spend together. 

I found a flight for $200, Ben's for $214 during lunch.  After work I go to book and my flight jumped to $313. (This is the perfect example of justification to Ben why when you spot a good deal you need to pounce on it).  I didn't want to pay that much, but didn't not want to instead I found a flight leaving early AM on Tuesday that was less than my original $200 flight.  It means I will be a couple hours late to work on Tuesday, but considering prior to and post trip I'll be working overtime anyways, my boss said it wasn't a big deal.

The hotel was surprisingly not as challenging as I thought it would be.  Someone recommended looking on Travelzoo. I found a hotel in a good location for a great price (under $150/night) and I booked.

As for the dogs, it pays  saves, to be a volunteer in a dog-rescue.  One very generous group member offered to watch both of the dogs while we're away (for free! Although a nice thank you is very much warranted).

So, the point of this post? We are going to NYC for 2.5 days/3 nights...for less than $550!! (I've posted before my mother says not to discuss money, but since my only consistant posting are my Deals and Steals, it seems entirely appropriate to do here, no?)

I have some major planning to do. After that, it's back to business.


  1. That's an amazing deal for NYC! I miss going to the city all the time (since I grew up about an hour away).

    Have an amazing trip!

    Neither of us have ever been to Chicago and would love to make it up there, so I'll definitely be looking to you for tips when we do :)

  2. That would have been soo fun! I would love to help plan a trip and meet up if it worked out!

  3. Have fun! I go about 2x a year for work and am going back in Feb with my MIL and mom during my next work trip. I heart NYC

  4. Thanks Brooke! I am beyond jealous you get to visit so often!


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