Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Passion for Peplums (WIB)

After implementing our new budget March 1st and reducing my "fun" money/allowance, I've been much more particular with my purchases and personal spending.  It's caused me to double (and triple) think any potential purchase and to debate if the use and life of the item is worth it.

Granted, two of these purchases were made prior to March 1st, but they just arrived. That's perfectly fine in my book. It felt like Christmas, pre-paid presents (for myself!)

What I Bought

Pim+Larkin Printed Peplum Top
From Piperlime, $59
I found this top via Pinterest in January, right before going to NYC.  I decided to wait on ordering it so that I could try it on in person (debating between a small and medium).  We visited the Piperlime store in SOHO, but the top was sold out in the color I wanted. Luckily they had it in an alternate color combo in both sizes so that I could decide which I liked; being the small.  The following Tuesday, Jan 22nd, I ordered online for the cardholder discount.

However, my order received an error and said the item was out of stock.  I called customer service and she said it was odd I was receiving the error because it did show they had a few smalls in stock, but they had an extended ship date; of APRIL 14th! Holy cow, almost 3 months from the order date.

I loved the top too much to let it go, so I placed the order. Lucky for me, it didn't take nearly that long and I received the top this week. It's my first official peplum purchase and I adore it. Making smarter purchases, for me, includes buying pieces that I can wear for work as well as nights and weekends for fun. This top definitely fits in that category. Plus I have a pink blazer in my closet that matches perfectly, as well as several navy cardis/blazers.
I love the keyhole detail in back
I don't post much about my beauty routine, but of one my must-haves is foundation primer. I wasn't a believer until I received a few samples from Sephora and put them to use. What a difference it makes! My face doesn't feel (or look) like it's melting by the end of the day anymore. I like Benefit Porefessional, but Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer is my long time running favorite.

When we got our makeup done by Smashbox in February for my SILs birthday, they mentioned a gift with purchase deal starting in March.  The makeup artist also showed me that there's a "plus-size" for the primer.

Smashbox Photofinish Primer
From Nordstroms, $49
The regular size primer is 1fl oz for $36, whereas the plus-size is 1.7fl oz for $49, which equates to $28.82 per ounce, an $8 savings!  Of course, the fact that there was a gift with purchase also sweetened the deal.  I was slightly disappointed with my package arrived this weekend and the gift was a sample tube of mascara (we had been lead to believe it'd be several sample items, similar to Clinique Bonus Time). Oh well.

Gold Chain on Chain Necklace
From Bloom and Inspire Etsy Shop, $14.50 (including shipping)
You may recall my obsession with chainlink bracelets and most likely have noticed how often I wear mine (all.the.time.). I was delighted when I learned that Dana opened a store and in love when I saw this necklace.

It arrived over the weekend and I am highly impressed with her work. It's a perfect something "extra" to spruce up an outfit.
Isn't it perfect?
Dana said they've been popular. If you visit her store and don't see one, I'm sure you could contact her and she'll make a reserved listing for you. (That's what I did).
While we're at it, the top I have on in the above pictures is also a recent purchase. I first saw it recently on Instagram (posted by @Alyson_Hayley; her blog here). I immediately hopped on Target.com to try to order it but was heartbroken when it said it was available in store only. Everything good is always sold out in Chicago Targets!

The next day, Chubbette Tales posted the top and low and behold, it was available online all of a sudden!

Mossimo Women's Sleeveless Peplum Top
Target, $22.99
As always, I tend to fluctuate between a small and medium in tops. I ordered both the small and medium in this, knowing I would return the size that didn't fit. The first thing I noticed when opening the packages is the fabric.  It looks nice nicer from afar than it really is. Up close you can tell, it's pretty cheap (100% polyester; this thing is going to be hot in the summer!).
With that in mind, I was skeptical I'd like it when I put it on....

The medium had a weird bunch in the center top dart. Overall it felt comfortable though and I'm quite fond of the compliments the peplum fit provides. It makes me feel so skinny :O)
target peplumtarget peplum
peplum top
The small also has the strange pinch point at the top center, but definitely fits better. It was difficult to capture in a picture, but there are three darts along the top. with the snug fit of the small, it emphasizes the mini pleats one all three, not just the center.  I decided for the price, fit and coloring, I'll keep the small.

And, the good news is, I still have over 75% of my spending budget let for this month!

Which may be which I just decided to fall into the leather trend...I received a Piperlime mailer good for 20% off an item. These leggings are on sale, plus 20% off, plus a $10 reward means I paid just $30 for them. Considering I probably wear jeans about twice a jeans (and dress business casual for work), I haven't been able to justify a leather purchase (there's no way I'd wear it to work!). At this price, it's worth a shot(plus ebates 7% back today is a bonus!)!

Dex Vegan Leather Pant
From Piperlime, on sale for $49.50
Review (including pictures) will be posted when they arrive. I ordered small and medium (yay free returns).
leather pants

Have you bought any leather items this winter? 


  1. So glad you love the necklace! Next time we'll skip the shipping and I'll walk it over. Also, I would very much like for you to take me shopping. Please and thanks!

    1. Perfect; there will definitely be a next time! We need to plan a shopping trip/G2G after this exam of mine!

  2. Two peplum tops in a week... go you! That Piperlime peplum top is adorable! I am nervous about leather pants. I wore a pair one time in my life and could barely get them back on after going to the restroom. I've learned my lesson and just stay away. It was a very traumatizing experience.


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