Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Perks of Studying

There's always the good with the bad right? The bad being a sore back, exhaustion and lack of social life, the good to preparing for this exam so far has been:
  • Bladder Control: Yep. A little TMI, but having a three hour class twice a week is helping me to learn to hold it longer.
  • Cookies: Yes, I bribe myself with cookies and sweet treats to study longer. This is a bad habit to break.
  • Man-Maid: Ben now does the laundry in our apartment. I haven't had to fold anything in over two weeks.
  • Money Saver: Not going out means saving money...as long as I stay away from online shopping.
  • Music: Pandora and I are now besties.  (PS-I'll take your recommendations for mellow music. There's only so much Adele, Coldplay and Damien Rice my ears can handle).
  • Quality Time: It's easy to take time with Ben for granted, especially having been together so long, not to mention the fact that we're married and live together. Now that my time is so regimented; I look forward to the time we have together. The little conversations and jokes mean so much more.
  • Starbucks: In college, I practically paid rent to Starbucks for all of the drinks I consumed and countless hours spent there.  Post-grad, I've said a few times that it'd be nice to have a reason to go plop myself there for a few hours and now I do.
  • TV time: I went from watching probably 15+ hours of TV a week to about 3 hours last week. (Being Walking Dead, Deception and random HGTV)
  • Weightloss: At the gym on Saturday, I realized that in the 10 days between weighing myself (/going to the gym; we don't have a scale at home), I've lost 6 pounds.  I'm not big into numbers (besides math, *chuckles*), but I was a bit surprised. I'm not sure if this should be exciting or alarming.


  1. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who gets a sore back from studying! I can sympathize with all of your "perks" of studying :) My DVR is halfway full!

    1. I told Ben I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a massage Groupon!


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