Sunday, June 30, 2013

Time for a Refill: The Hawks

When the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in 2010, I was in the middle of wedding planning. We went out the night they won to celebrate, but I missed the parade due to having planning appointments back in our hometown of the Quad Cities.

This year I was eager to be a part of the celebration and see the parade.  Luckily the route wasn't far from my office so I was able to sneak away to watch.
 I was able to squeeze my way up towards the street, but still not nearly close enough with the crowds of people; everyone anxiously awaiting the buses arrival...
 And then just like that the cup appeared and it was gone.
 The round trip to the parade, watching the parade and walking back to my office took a matter of twenty minutes.  A pretty speedy parade if you ask me.  Although the main draw was the rally at Grant Park.  Darn you work.

PS- Remember how I was paranoid about something bad happening?  Turns out I wasn't wrong to be worried.

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