Thursday, July 18, 2013

Babywalking (+deals)

Last night we had the opportunity to babysit our nephew, Baby J, and his parents had the opportunity to go out to dinner and celebrate their anniversary, leaving him behind for dinner for the first time in nearly five month.

My SIL is one of the world's, if not the world's, most organized people.  I was surprised to find just a quick note about a bottle and that was it.  I am sure it helps tremendously that she's already back to work and used to having someone else care for her boy, but her boy didn't seem to care for us.  The moment they left he started looking around the room, all "where did they go"? And then he cried. The poor guy!

Between babysitting and nannying in college, I'd say I have a decent amount of baby experience (although not recent, I started nannying for E & M when M was 8 months old, and I also babysat for a newborn). The crying was maybe a 3 on a 1-10 scale. Not the bloodcurdling, red face, feel the lungs expand cries I've heard. This cry was nothing a little baby walking and snuggles couldn't fix.

By the way, why is it called babysitting?  You hardly sit, it's more walking, swaying, bouncing, etc.

Ben on the other hand? Not so much.  He's great with kids, but babies he has little no experience with. It was quite entertaining and quite endearing to watch Ben try to comfort our him (hence the cell phone); in the end, all the guy really needed was some Zzzzs (and all Ben needs is a little practice).
And a funny side note: I took Baby J up to his nursery to rock him and read some stories.  It just so happened the book I picked out was a compilation of nursery rhymes.  Do you know how hard it is to read a nursery rhyme? So, of course, I started singing them. I have a terrible voice but it actually seemed to comfort the little man.  Once he calmed down I took him back downstairs and came upon Ben looking at me and laughing.  Yep, I'd forgotten the baby monitor was on and he'd heard all of my goofy singing.
Today's Deals and Steals:
  • Barnes and Noble: 15% off one item with coupon through 7/21 in store and online
  • Gap cardholders: Double your earned unused rewards. Have a $10 reward? Through 7/24, make that $20 (and wouldn't you know I just used my last $10 reward last night. Grrr)
  • Gap Outlet: 50% off entire store through 7/22; save extra 10% with this email
  • J Crew: Extra 30% off final sale items in store and online with code EXTRA30 through 7/19
  • Macys: Extra 15% off with code SAVE (3% back via
  • Starbucks: Treat receipts: buy any item in store before 2pm and bring your receipt back after 2pm for a $2 grande cold drink
  • Walgreens: 40% off photo enlargements with codeFORTYPICBIG through 7/20

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