Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hot Spot: Endgrain

My second installment of Chicago Hot Spots. Enjoy!
A few weeks ago Ben and I both had Friday off. Unfortunately we also needed our tires changed and it was decided to use our glorious summer Friday to do so. Lucky for me, I have a smart husband who suggested that while the tires were being changed, we walk to Endgrain for breakfast.
Engrain opened this summer in Roscoe Village.  It serves brunch and dinner, but the big excitement is their doughnuts.  This Friday visit was our THIRD attempt to get doughnuts and the first time they weren't sold out.  They only make so many, and when they're gone their gone, so go early (before 9am) if you're in the mood for a donut on the weekends. Friday morning we practically had the place to ourselves, save a few tables.
Enoch's Doughnuts
Enoch's Doughnuts
You may be thinking the first thing we thought, $5 for a doughnut
and coffee as a special?! Seem expensive? Wrong, it's worth it.
The food is a spin on American casual, with a farm to table concept.  At the far end of the bar, the daily farms from which the ingredients come are listed. However, we didn't come for the food, we came for the doughnuts.
The story of the doughnuts is all about Chef Enoch Simpson.  Famous for his foods at Nightwood and Girl and the Goat in Chicago, he used to make his coworkers in his off hours.  They were so well liked that he decided to branch out and open his own restaurant.
There are currently four doughnut flavors: bacon butterscotch, nutella milkstout, mixed berry jelly and honey glazed doughscuit. We opted for two coffee specials and a third doughnut to split; leaving out the berry.
All about palm sized, each doughnut had it own distinct aroma and flavor. I started off with the nutella milk stout. A friend had warned this was her favorite.  Having had plenty of milk stouts myself, I was surprised how much a donut could actually taste like a drink, let alone a beer.  It also had the texture most similar to a traditional cake doughnut. I could see why it's a favorite!
Next up was the bacon butterscotch. I'd tossed this into our order last minute, simply intrigued by the combination and not sure just a dought each would do the trick.  At first bite, I didn't like it. But, as I let the flavors melt in my mouth, they became the perfect blend of salty and sweet. 
I saved the best for last.  The newest addition to Enoch's doughnut options is the honey glazed doughscuit. A doughnut sliced in half with a smooth creme in the middle and it was by far my favorite.  Sweet and creamy to perfection. It literally just melts in your mouth.
We were both skeptical that spending $13 on doughnuts and coffee would keep us full or was worth the money (although it's hard enough to brunch for one person on $13 in the city!), but it was. Be forewarned that all of the doughnuts are sweet. And while we thought they wouldn't be substantial, we were proven wrong because it was hours until we were hungry again. 
In fact, now looking back, I'd say I highly recommend splitting three doughnuts amongst two people to try as many flavors as possible. I promise you'll finish them. 
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  1. Wow those look delicious! Now I'm craving donuts:)

  2. Need to remember this for when I visit Chicago!! Those donuts look delicious.


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