Sunday, November 17, 2013

Two Week Talk

Alright guys (and ladies); let's chat.

I've been working two weeks in Denver now and although the first week was quite an adjustment, I am SO happy to share that I am loving my new job!  It's the perfect mix of interaction and technical skills that I was looking for. My coworkers have been welcoming and are relate-able to me and where I'm at in my life; which makes it easy to get along.  Despite working much longer hours, about 10 hours a day, my work week flies by compared to my old (and short) 37.5 hour work week.

Obviously having the week fly by is great, because we've been having a lot of fun on the weekends scoping out the neighborhood and all Denver has to offer!

Ben and Oscar are adjusting well too. Ben's worked from home for a week now. His little home office set up is much less than ideal (we have a desk and chair and everything, but the desk is crammed and the chair isn't comfortable enough for a day's work). I hope he can hold out until March, when our lease is up (and hopefully then we'll be buying a house!).  Oscar loves having Ben around. He's much less skiddish now that he's learned that this is the new norm.  He and Ben's bond has grown, which is a little sad for me. Osc used to be my buddy since I was the one to take him out first in the morning and after work; but as long as he's happy, so am I.

So now it's time to talk about this blog. I obviously have not being posting my Daily Deals and Steals. To be honest, I don't have the time too right now. Getting to work between 6:30 and 7:00am is already a struggle for me, so I can't imagine waking up any earlier! I plan to still share some highlighted deals each week, but not on a daily basis.

As for recipes, cooking has always been a passion of mine and continues to be...but again, it's been a struggle since I usually get home at 6pm, Ben's been off work for two hours then and I still want to find time to fit in a work out.  This has been the biggest struggle for me; to feel that I'm being fair to myself with my time after work but also fair to Ben, knowing that he sits in this apartment alone all day. So, this is continuing adjustment...but my goal is to continue my weekly Taste of Tuesday linkups with food recipes (I have one lined up for this week).

Otherwise, I'll continue to throw in an occasional outfit post and weekend updates. I see the blog becoming more of a journal of our new life than a place to find the latest fashion trend. Perhaps a bit more personal than it's been in the past. This will allow friends and family to keep tabs on us when there's not always time for a phone call.

Just Call Me HaHa is over two years old and has found friends and followers along the way, so I ask you, my dear reader, what do you want to see on the blog? What type of posts are your favorite from me? Please comment below (or email me if you prefer:; I value your thoughts and opinions!


  1. Glad to hear you are enjoying your new job! Your plan to switch things up on the blog to better accommodate your new schedule sounds like a good one. Please keep up the Oscar appearances though! #bullylove

  2. This is such great news!!!! So glad you're settling in nicely.

  3. I like the balance of recipe posts and life posts! With a move like you did there is bound to be some getting used to. Hope you find that perfect balance!


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