Friday, December 6, 2013

Wants and Wishes

Just when I feel like we're starting to feel settled it, the holidays are upon us and life feels chaotic again.  We decided it was too soon to go back for Thanksgiving, but we'll be headed back to the good ole' Midwest for about a week at Christmas, not only to see family and friends, but also for MT's wedding. I can't wait!

Tis the season to spoil others and let yourself be spoiled. Here are some of the items on my list this year. As usual, I started off with the "I don't really need anything" thoughts, but then it turns out, once I got looking, there is a whole lot I want!
I'm obsessed with the gold dots and love all things that can be personalized!
Fairisle sweaters seem to be all over this year and I'm lusting for one. I love the color combo on this.
Something both Ben and I will enjoy and reap the benefits of.
I've always liked vests, but since moving here, I've become a vest junkie! An ivory vest seems like a versatile addition. In order to save some money, like with my Uggs and North Face jackets, I size down to girls.
I have an obession for navy/white stripes (last count I think I owned 5+ tops in this combo; yipes!); add some jewels and I'm sold!
If you recall, we have an ornament from every trip Ben and I have been on together. It only seems fitting to now add this to the collection.
Don't make fun! I recently made italian beef and was heart broken (after visiting three different grocers) to realize you can't find good giardiniera here!)
If you feel like sending something my way, email me and I'll share my address ;)
What's on your list?

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  1. Yep I'm all about those fair isle sweaters lately! My bf and I would love that beer cook up. Id probably end up just drinking all the beer though.....


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