Saturday, June 21, 2014

Radio Silence more.
Hello there my friends.  I've taken a bit of a hiatus from blogging to try to get settled down.  I'm happy to report that I'm at a place that I feel like I can finally stop and take deep breathes without gasping for air in all of the adjustments we've had in life the past couple months.
So, what have I been up to you ask? Well, here's a little recap of the past three months or so...
We closed on our house in February and moved in the first week of March.  Being a homeowner of a 100+ year old brick bungalow is no joke.  We were so happy to find a home we wanted in the location we wanted that has much of what we wanted (how many "wanted"s can I include in one sentence?), but there is ALWAYS something to do; well it's scrape a popcorn ceiling (check), paint trim white (partial check, just the living room and bathroom is done), or laying sod; we're keeping on our toes!
Other than working on the house (which, don't get me wrong, I love, love, love); we've been busy with life in general.
It's been so nice for Oscar to have a neighborhood to walk in again.  The apartment we sublet when we first moved here was downtown, which meant no grass for the poor little fellow.  He also hated the narrow hallways with people and dogs constantly passing by. Now he has a house of his own and Ben working at home to keep him company.
And, we wouldn't be us if we hadn't been keeping up on our love of beer. We recently tallied up how many breweries we've been to in Denver proper; the count is at 22 and growing all the time.
If you follow me on instagram (@justcallmehaha), you could probably guess I've been having a lot of fun (although indecisive) decorating our house. We still have a long way to go, but it feels more and more like home with every addition. #hahashome on IG tracks all of my latest decisions.
We've had both of our families come out for a visit and last weekend we had our first "friend" out. It's been fun to show off the place and 'hood, but also wonderful because my father-in-law is quite the handyman!  My own dad helped us install an outdoor electrical outlet as well as fix up some odds and ends around the house.  My father-in-law was here for a week and installed a microwave, changed our garage door from manual to electric with an opener, changed out sink faucets, and the list goes on!  He's currently working on some built-in shelves for our bedroom that will be installed in August :)
At the end of April I flew home for a cousin's wedding; which was the first time since we moved that we've had my entire immediate family (sans Ben) together.
On the trip, I flew back to Denver out of Chicago and had a brief two hours in the city to meet one of my best friends for coffee.  It felt so surreal to be in a city I called home for years. It was as if I could have hopped on the brown line El train and gone back to the apartment as if everything that had happened in the last six months was a dream.
Of course we haven't been taking living surrounded by mountains for granted. Our weekly routine has become a Sunday hike.  These are the times when we climb to a summit, look out, and wonder why anyone would live anywhere else.
Yep, overall life is pretty grand right now.  We love our house,
 I love my job, and we're happy with this little life we've building together.
(PS- I finally found my DSLR battery charger; I can't wait to get out and use my real camera)


  1. So happy to see you back around these parts! Can't wait to see more progress with the house and Oscar of course is adorable on his neighborhood walks ;-)

    Wish you guys were still in Chicago, I'll finally be making my way up there in September. But Denver is also high up on my list of cities to go to next. Gorgeous mountains plus my husband is a huge Rockies fan!

  2. Glad to see you back and settling in to the new house!

  3. Where did you get the rug on the right? I've been looking for something exactly like that!

    1. Pier 1! That's the rug we ended up keeping :)


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