Thursday, September 4, 2014

Look for Less: Camo

Hi there loves! Ya know, this weekend I had my family in town and took a ton of pictures, which made me realize how much I miss blogging and sharing my life and experiences.

So, this post is my If You Give a Mouse a Cookie welcome back.

Over the years I've started to accumulate vests and this year I already have my eyes set on J. Crew Factory's Quilted Puffer Vest in Camo.  Last year I got the herringbone and still wear it all.the.time so I thought the camo would be a fun add and still on trend.

The issue? I am too cheap to pay the full retail $108 after knowing their history of up and down pricing. I've been doing daily price checks for about a month now and haven't seen it drop below $88.  I've been carrying around some remnant gift cards waiting to pounce, but haven't deemed a "sale" worth it yet.

Low and behold, last night I was searching Old Navy and came across the vest! In the little girl's section! Girl's Quilted Barn Vest (Yep, still totally wear girls when I can). Regularly priced at $29.95 and 20% off; it was a no brainer to pop an XL and XXL in my cart.

Update: The XL was a little too short and a little too tight when zipped. The XXL is perfect for fall layering and I like the details and coloring even more than the JCF!

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