Thursday, September 22, 2011


I'm really not sure what to call this post.  I'm having one of those kind of mornings.  I woke up feeling exhausted with a terrible sore throat.  I opted to stay in bed a little longer and eat breakfast at work instead of the apt.  Last night I did a 9mile run and did something wonky to my knee.  This morning, once I actually did get out of bed, my first thought was "crap, I totally should have iced last night". Grr. 

Luckily, this afternoon I have a supplier conference to attend.  This evening I'm thinking of biking instead of running, chowing on the potato soup that's currently cooking in the Crockpot and then possibly just snuggling and reading more of the last Hunger Games book, Mockingjay (oh don't worry, I'll shower somewhere in there too).  Plus I have a phone date set up with my friend who was recently married to catch up.

So, being that I'm in a blah kind of mood and there aren't any great deals.  I'm just sharing some funny pics that H has recently sent.



This last pic pretty much sums up H's feelings on kids right now.  He would love for us to move to Colorado and I would love for us to get a second dog.  Being that we're in Chicago and living space is limited, a would love  to get a blond French bulldog.  However, dream dog would be more along the lines of Burmese Mountain Dog, Mastiff, Leon Burger, St Bernard, etc (so big-horse like, drooly furballs).  H recently said he'd like an English Sheepdog (which had two of growing up).  The point of these dogs wants and wishes is that H keep trying to bribe me into moving to CO by saying that we could get one of our dream dog breeds if we moved there.  

As for the kids things, neither of us are ready to become parents and to be honest, we're both quite selfish and like to be able to spend our free time doing what we want and not be tied down.  However, that being said, we do want kids in the future.  H sometimes says he's not sure, but it's always been known that's a non-negotiable fact that I do want kids.  Plus, I've seen him interact with the kids I nannied for in college, as well as cousins, he's a natural.

Any who, if he had it his way, this would be the story of our lives (at least with his current mindset):


Here are some favorites of our own critter, Oscar (or Mr. Oscar as I like to call him; almost 2.5 yrs old, English Bulldog):

Playing House

Drooly Face

Tough Guy

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